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Episode two and Coach Gruse is already passing out on the coach at times designated for newborns and the elderly.  We talk about the crazy schedule of the coach.  It was the first week of the season so tryouts were the main theme.  We learn about some of the rules of the high school basketball world and really start to dive in by learning about his favorite drill for finding out who has that grit and heart.


Enjoy the show.

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The founder of non-biased, running shoe review site joins us to talk all things running shoes.  How to choose them? Which do best on his site? How the site stays free of bias? 

We delve into his running career and how he was discovered on  a track one night.  The belief that anyone could train to a 15 minute 5k and more.  

Enjoy the show!

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Building new skills as athletes and runners specifically is important.  We hear so many runners stressed that they won't be ready for their trail race when it comes because they don't live where trails are.  Well, we have some things you can do to train specifically.  We hope this helps!

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Most people who have a big goal in the endurance world, especially running, self coach themselves.  Some considerations that really should help you along the way based on the same same mistakes people are making.

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Meet Coach Jacob Gruse. Roanoke is nestled in the mountains of Virginia. Cave Spring High School has churned out such big names as Tiki and Ronde Barber and JJ Redick. With expectations high and tryouts starting the next morning which coach calls "the worst day of the year", we dive in to the career leading up to this very moment.  The balance of family life. Coaching philosophy will be revealed.  Oh, the host is life long friend from college so there is that. 

Enjoy Episode 1.

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John Abate is a cyclist who partnered with, yep, another cyclist to make some of the most unique bars on the market for athletes.  We had a chance to dive into his town of Encinitas, CA to get an idea of the cycling and laid back culture as well as how they came up with this product in the first place.  

Diving in to the entrepreneurial aspects of starting a food based company was interesting and the process to launch a successful Kickstarter, which is underway as we release this show!

There is a little something for everyone here. Enjoy the show!

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[From Becoming Ultra]

Traveling across the country is much more physically demanding than you think.  It's why we give our body a few days to recover before running far. Also on the show, some of the positive mental tricks to get through this first 100k!


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[From partner show, Becoming Ultra]

In 6 days, the founder of BU will be running his first 100k. There will be no start line, bibs, or fanfare. Just a few friends, family, and a couple running buddies trying to remember his dad on his first birthday since his passing. On the show today, the route and the meaning behind it. Where is the toughest section? What is the strategy for the first 12 miles? Enjoy the show!

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This is part 1 of 7 in a series featured on Becoming Ultra.

Hey it's the host, coach, and runner, Scott.  My dad died last year.  He was 62.  I am running a 100k on his birthday in his home state of West Virginia to remember in a week.  I'd love to share the journey with you until Season 5 starts, the day after his birthday.

On this show, my training for the last 6 months.

Thanks for listening!

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Bone chilling, amazing and awe-inspiring would be a few ways to describe our next guests body of work.  A California based photographer go to the ends of the earth to capture amazing athletes, mostly surfers, engaging the wild around them. The juxtaposing of athlete and artic swell will leave you speechless.  In this episode we learn how he got to where he is today.  A self taught photographer who has built his own career out of talent and passion will share some great stories of his journey.  And he is an athlete too. You can't imagine the conditions he has to overcome to get these shots and we dive into the mental toughness it takes to withstand bitter cold and crazy weather.  We hope this show takes you to places you never imagined, before you knew they were possible.  Enjoy our newest Athlete On Fire show!

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