Athlete On Fire

Chances are, you have probably participated in an obstacle race.  After all, millions and millions of people have last year alone.  Well, in today's episode we are inspired by one of the best obstacle course racers in the world.  She has a regular job and works her butt off every day just like you and I and that's where the inspiration starts.  She is totally relatable.  She only runs 15-20 miles a week for training but you have to listen to understand why.  She has competed in 24 hour races and the sprints and everything in between and she always gets it done.  She shares an inspring story of competitors stopping to carry an athlete in a wheelchair over an obstacle.  Listen to her workout challenge in the Fitness On Fire segment and why she doesn't "ramp up" or taper for her events.  There is so much here for you to take away so stop reading and go listen to today's Athlete On Fire.

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