Athlete On Fire

What happens when you have spents days out on the desert, running, nonstop?  Well, sometimes you see things that aren't there.  Sometimes you find your passion out there as well.  Today's guest has done both. She was the youngest and the first female to complete the 4 deserts challenge.  Conquering 100's of unsupported miles in the world's most extreme deserts.  She works a full time job and shares how you can reach your athletic goals as a working athlete.  This is powerful as we are all mostly working in some way. She is doing some amazing things in the near future for women and girls in South Africa that is mid boggling.  She shares how she uses visualization to prepare for her events and did we mention she has a Bear Grylls story. If you love a passionate athlete doing amazing things you are going to love today's episode of Athlete On Fire.

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