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How to Get Anything You Want 10X Faster

If you set out to build a new house in five years, it will take you five years.

If you have a hard deadline and have to build that same house in six months or your family will be out in the cold all winter, it will take you six months.

Any task takes the time allotted.

Here’s an example. I was recently in the office the day before a long business trip. I had way too much to do and not enough time to do it. I sat down in the at my desk in the morning with the same number of hours in the day as I have any other day but with far more on my plate than I could accomplish. By the time I left the office at the end of the day, everything was complete.

Why? Why did I get…. three times more done on this particular day then on any other day?

Because I had to.

When you have to do something, you do it. The reason most people don’t exercise enough is because they dont have to. The excuse is  “I don’t have time” but if you get a phone call from the school and you have to pick up your sick daughter and take her to the doctor immediately, you do it. It takes two hours out of your day but by tomorrow that missing two hours has dissolved into your day and you never miss it. You had to take your sick child to the doctor-- it was a priority. And if you had to catch up at work because you missed two hours, you would… if you had to.

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