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Tarek is a Ghanaian Triathlete amongst other things. Tarek moved to England at a young age and began University at Imperial College of London at the age of 16 before completing a PhD in Super Conductivity at the University of Cambridge. Following University he worked for Deloitte and then in the financial markets with GLG the Hedge Fund, during which he developed a love for Triathlons and Ironman. More recently he’s been integral to setting up the Ghana Triathlon Federation.

Tarek and I chat about his childhood in Ghana, moving to England and University life. His life after running his first marathon and then Triathlons and Ironman’s. His passion for the sport and transition to helping set up the Ghanaian Triathlon Federation. I found it fascinating chatting with Tarek and getting into some of his training routines, enjoy the episode!

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