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Today's guest, and the last of the year, is a listener that sent in his story.  A two paragraph email and I was inspired and amazed at what he has overcome and once I talked to him it was much more.  His energy, tenacity, and zeal for life to travel to amazing places and compete without worrying about what has happened to him.  It is a great show to finish the year off with and move forward because what's ahead matters way more than what's behind.  Enjoy the Athlete On Fire show.

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Today's guest runs for the love of it.  That's for sure.  A self described uncoachable forest runner takes her turn as a member of Canada's National 100k team and the chance to compete against the world in Doha in the fall of 2014.  She shares how she is making some drastic training changes to make it work in the competition.  She loves running so much that her day job is with a really cool running app out of Vancouver that is like GPS for runners.  Listen to learn more and grab some of the great energy from today's Athlete On Fire.

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First off, thanks so much for listening.  So we brought Lauren Jones back on the show again for a much different type of Weekend Warrior episode.  She turned 32 this weekend and is finally launching a concept she has had since our first son was born and our fitness and running lives changed.  She is one of the most creative fitness minds I have met and this twist on a normal running website is gonna be big.  We sit down after her birthday run in none other than a Colorado microbrewery and talk through some of the steps to launching. It's candid, laid back, and as real as we could knowing the recorder was on the whole time.  Hope you enjoy!

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Today's guest is coming off a win at Rebecca's Private Idaho in her first ever gravel ride. Actually, she bailed on another event last minute just for the new adventure.  She has some great stories of adventure and survival in the mountains from her "day job" and we will let you listen to get the full experience.  Enjoy today's guest who is truly and Athlete On Fire.

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Weekend Warrior is back after a couple week hiatus.  Scott's dad had life changing heart surgery and one small gesture meant the world to him as to his resilience.  We give kudo's to some amazing creative talent and plan for big things in 2015.  Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire show!

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Google Rebecca Rusch.  Go ahead.  You won't be disappointed in the athlete with a heart as big as the world she has traveled on foot, bike, and water.  Rebecca shares some of her best and most inspiring stories, why she finally wrote a book(and how difficult is was), and what she is working on next.  Learn how the "Queen Of Pain" got to where she is today and why there is a good chance you have a place to stay next time to visit Idaho!  

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Australian rules football?  Yeah, we finally learn what that's all about.  Growing up on the Gold Coast in Australia around a triathlete dad and plenty of great AFL future players set the stage for our guest.  Tons of great triathletes have come right out of his backyard and has quite the racing resume himself.  Oh, and don't forget, he is the race director of one of the biggest running events hosted by one of the coolest active companies out there, Lululemon.  He shares some of how the pressure of live events can help in other areas of life.  He is also a mental health advocate and shares his very personal, powerful story relating to the topic.  We hope you enjoy this inspiring an energetic episode of Athlete On Fire.

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Why would you continue to ski after your younger brother was lost due to a skiing accident?  To honor him of course.  No one could honor him more than today's guest who ski's with as much skill and passion as anyone who has put on two planks.  The first Olympic skiier to really make the transition to big mountain skiing shares her amazing story that got her where she is today.  A case for why more woman should ski and some of the adventures along the way can be heard on the show.  We know you will enjoy the show and if you know any young, impressionable women, tell them they should listen as well.  This is the Athlete On Fire show.

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Some seem to think that entitlement is the norm in today's youth.  I'm not so sure but what I am sure about is that if I teach them certain things, they have a better chance to be good men. In this episode, we talk about how many countries Athlete On Fire has reached, our general download numbers, and importantly, the 10 things I am going to teach my boys so they are generally awesome by the time I am done with them.  I think the list is legit but if you have anything to add, we would love to hear!  Enjoy this episode of the Weekend Warrior show on Athlete On Fire!

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This has got to be the most selfish show in the history of podcasting.  We bring back the amazing Jess McMillan, one of the most accomplished and skilled big mountain skiers to live and we make her teach us how to work our way up to epic cliff jumps. WE agree it is 90% mental but for the physical prep and how to build up to 30 foot drops, this is the show for you.  She has dropped a 60 footer so she is the authority!  The interview is fun and we go into other mental toughness skills that will help as well. Enjoy this epic, intense, and informative show and then get out there and drop in!  

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