Athlete On Fire

Our guest tells stories so well he'll have you from the first 10 seconds of the show.  He is one fo the most well known endurance athletes on the planet and he shares things with Athlete on Fire you probably haven't heard anywhere else.  Grab that smart phone, plug in those ear phones and get out there while you listening to the inspiring guest today!

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Our guest runs far.  No you don't get it.  He runs very, very far.  The American 6 day record holder shares his story of when he started running.  He shares how he got hooked and how the challenge of doing something so taxing keeps him coming back.  This is a show most of us won't be able to relate to but all of us can draw from!


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Our guest is a mountain runner to the extreme.  Listen as she takes us all over the world and to some of the most amazing places anyone could dream of running!  She paints an amazing picture of her hometown in New Zealand and talks about what it takes to face challenges that are right in front of you.

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Matt gives some very actionable advice for your next run!

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Our guest started eating vegetarian and ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  That is just where his journey starts.  The founder of has great insights on everything from the power of deliberate practice to a simple answer on why you should try eating a vegetarian diet. There are little nuggets throughout this whole show that will at the very least entertain you for 45 minutes and at best, inspire you to make a change or two. Enjoy!

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Here is a great running measuring stick.

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Matt is an author and expert on running, nutrition, and endurance sports.  His great stories of how he got started into running and writing are inspiring for athletes of every background! Including you.

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In this episode our guest shares her story about her transition from the corporate world to the life that she "feels like the luckiest person in the world" living.  She is a runner, coach, speaker, and <!--more--> she dives into all of on this episode.

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In this episode our guest takes us from his early days growing up in a small town in Nebraska and how that town inspires and supports him. He goes on to talk about his football days at Nebraska, playing bass guitar, his crazy unique degree and oh yeah, his gold medal in the Vancouver Olympics. You are going to enjoy the journey as much I did interviewing him.

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Curt Tomasevicz, Olympic Gold Medalist lays down the law of the legs! Have fun with this challenging workout.

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