Athlete On Fire

Our guest is a writer and runner.  Amongst other things she shares her process and how she was able to write her very powerful memoir, "So Far." She has great insights to the running world as long time contributor to "Runner's World". She used running as medication and therapy as well as her natural love of the act.  Learn about why running and being active in general was important coming from such a difficult situation at home.  We touch on some new topics to Athlete On Fire including mental health and how our guest has dealt with her own.  She happens to also be married to former Boston Marathon champion Amby Burfoot and has some fun stories of how her life of running with him has taken her on some great adventures.  We talk about the parallels between writing and running and there is no doubt everyone will learn something from this episode!

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Scott talks about what Athlete On Fire really is meant to be for the listeners.  His trip to the desert last week and how he needed 20 takes for an intro to one of the shows.  He has a nice fitness challenge for you all to try and talks about some upcoming guests!  If you are interested in what it's like to start a podcast from scratch in the health, fitness, and adventure category you might like these short format Weekend Warrior Shows! 

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Our guest is a passionate runner and writer.  His daily runs have led to a writing style all his own and he is happy to share what drives his legs and his thoughts.  You might learn a few things about how to get your own thoughts written with some of his tips from the show.  Join us for a thoughtful take on a passion so many of our guests have had to date!

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Our guest takes us on amazing trails and how she came to find trails herself.  She gives amazing tips on how to find your own unique way to write and get your ideas out for the world.  How to decide what kind of RV you should go for if you decide on a Nomadic way and why we need more Nomads.  This was a fun show with tons of unique stories that everyone will be able to relate to!

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Our guest takes us to Boston with amazing perspective in his newest book "4:09:43."  This is just his newest project.  Learn how one of the true legends in the running world got started running and writing and how he has been able to be successful in both endeavors.  Hal takes us through his life decade by decade and shares some great stories, including the one regarding his 1964 Boston Marathon where he finished as the first American.  I learned so much and you will too.  You are going to feel like you were able to sit down and talk with Hal just as I did on this latest and greatest episode of Athlete On Fire.


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Our guest is the second water sport athlete we have had on the show.  He shares his inspiring story of overcoming a serious injury to go on and do some amazing thins in Stand Up Paddleboarding.  From compartment syndrome to a 170 mile trek on the board, he has some great stories and ideas that you will want to hear!

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Our guest comes from humble roots. Hard work, Zig Zigler, cheese curds, and amazing summers on the water in Wisconsin.  He competes in Firefighter Combat Challenges and shares his story with tons of energy and tons of insight!  Another unique Athlete On Fire lights up the mic in this episode.

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Our guest today shares his story of being down to $500 before the internet boomed and how he thrived afterwards.  He runs a Systema academy in Central Florida and shares amazing insights as to why martial arts are such a big part of his life.  A thinking man's athlete, a passionate athlete, and definitely, an Athlete On Fire!

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Our guest started to learn from experts, now he is one.  Sleep quality, health, happiness, and weight loss are all recurring themes and we cover all of them in detail in this inspiring episode!  Blue blockers and fat intake are just the beginning.

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Scott talks about the call to action that got more women involved in the show.  It's boys weekend in Colorado but it's not what you think.  He tried a new video app this week and would love some feedback. The Boston Marathon is getting close so find out what AOF is doing regarding this fact.  With tons of little nuggets don't forget to try to 3 exercise hip mobility set he shares.  Weekend Warrior, part dos.

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