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Our guest today is a a self proclaimed lifetime athlete. From excelling in football at a young age to playing division I at Colorado State University, sprinting at the highest level and playing professionally, he takes us through it all.  A broken family at an early age had him living out of a car with his sister.  This led to stops at foster homes and inconsistency as a growing young man.  His story is great for anyone who thinks you can't make it from a bad start.  He is a cerebral athlete and shares habits and training advice for any level. He goes into why he will always be an athlete and you are sure to appreciate to takeaways in this episode of Athlete On Fire.

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Our guest shares her story of growing up on the beautiful island of St. Croix. How her days were very regimented and her athletic start as a swimmer.  She goes into her natural talent as a runner and how she got started in the sport. Hear how close she was to competing in the Athens Olympics, who is inspiring her today, and what habit she has that allows her to perform at a high level.  Another passionate athlete shares another inspiring story on the Athlete On Fire show today!

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Our guest was one of the catalysts for Athlete On Fire as a Colorado buddy of Scott's and he just happens to be an amazing athlete himself.  Learn how he manages a crazy work/life balance with training for endurance mountain biking, raising two little ones, and running his own successful online brand and podcast, Mountain Bike Radio.  We talk about how being authentic is a byproduct of tough endurance racing and how to break down long events. He gives some great actionable advice and we go off topic a bit with our history.  Hope you enjoy this 52nd installment of the Athlete On Fire podcast!


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In this weekly installment of the Weekend Warrior show Scott brings on a special guest for this remote show in the heart of Fruita, Colorado.  Among the usual topics we go over what recent shows have been inspiring us at AOF, why you should loearn how to say no, and a book that is sure to inspire. His guest gives an amazing workout challenge as well!  Enjoy this newest from AOF! 

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The CoolDown is a new show format for Athlete On Fire!  Days, weeks, and months have passed since we have talked with and learned the amazing stories of some of our athletes and we wanted to bring them back to just sit back and talk about what's going on in their lives and what's new since the last time we talked.  Not formatted at ALL, The Cool Down is supposed to be just like getting off a long trail or tough workout and talking it up with whoever you are with.  We just happen to be with amazing athlete on fire! Jason is an avid writer and talks about his process.  He even gives 3 tips for beginners wanting to start writing their first book.  We also talk about life in an RV with a family, MMA v. Ultra running, and how he just got knocked out for the first time ever!  Enjoy.

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Our guest has always been a motivated athlete.  From his days as an 88 lb wrestler in high school who eventually coached his own team when the coach was let go, he proves that size means nothing.  You will get a glimpse into the drive and motivation as he shares what a "hard" training day is like.  It is simpy unbelievable.  He shares two mental tools/tricks that help with endurance events and he is the founder of the largest obstacle course race team out there.  If you weren't sweating when you started todays show you will be by the end.  Join us for another amazing Athlete On Fire!

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In this week's edition of the Weekend Warrior show Scott does a quick q and a with the owner of the brewery for one of the running events he produces in Colorado.  We learn some basics of the brewing business and even find out that the owner is an avid athlete himself.  He gives us some great options for every type of activity or sport that is pretty cool.  Athlete On Fire also has an official audio engineer and the introduction is made.  Enjoy this newest from AOF, the Weekend Warrior Episode 10!

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Our guest is a passionate athlete, coach, teacher, and mentor.  Her running career started because she wanted to make a friend those first days of high school, in her Sketchers no less!  She tells us why she decided on FSU for her college track career and education. Find out who is inspiring her and how she is relating to the runners at the university she is coaching at right now.  If you want to hear how a young aspiring female athlete is making her mark in the world, this is a great episode of Athlete On Fire for you!

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Former Olympic Mt Biker and all around good guy and elite athlete, Travis Brown and Scott Jones chat it up on this first installment of The CoolDown, a new format from Athlete On Fire.  They talk about Travis and his product development gig for Trek, trails all over the states, and why he loves doing what he does.

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Our guest is a formal Olympian from the 2012 London Olympics.  He got his start as an alpine ski racer and ended up an elite cyclist.  He shares the Olympic experience and how he breaks down different parts of the race mentally to perform at a high level.  He leaves us great advice on not overthinking and how to be a strong mental athlete.  He shares how he is giving back to the cycling community that helped get him started. You are going to enjoy this installment of Athlete On Fire!

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