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Scott takes us out for another weekend of active living in Colorado.  After hiking a popular trail this weekend he reminisces a few years back when he and a friend performed CPR on a dying stranger on the same hike.  The outcome was both sad and inspiring.  He shares more about what AOF is going to be up to in the coming weeks as well as a friend and future guest whose travel and business inspire him every day!  If you like to see how things are done behind the scenes and more about the host, this might be an interesing show for you to check out. Enjoy this weeks Weekend Warrior show!

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The CoolDown is a new show format for Athlete On Fire!  Days, weeks, and months have passed since we have talked with and learned the amazing stories of some of our athletes and we wanted to bring them back to just sit back and talk about what's going on in their lives and what's new since the last time we talked.  Not formatted at ALL, The Cool Down is supposed to be just like getting off a long trail or tough workout and talking it up with whoever you are with.  We get the chance to sit down with Nick Bautista who just recently completed the Peak Races 500.  Yes, that is 500 miles over 9 days and change.  Still reflecting on his journey, Nick shares some of what made the experience so unique and why he will continue to push himself.  Enjoy.

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Our guest is nothing if not passionate about the sport he has made his career.  As the only Irish born NBA ever he shares the story of how he came to play basketball after an initial love of hockey.  A 7 inch growth spurt somewhat ruined that dream as did the powerful, and negative, words of his first high school coach.  Things would change as his family would move to a new state, playing for a new coach.  Hard work and a journeyman's attitude would pay off in college and playing overseas and he shares an unlikely story of running in to some ex teammates who didn't believe he was a starting center in the NBA.  A great storyteller, our guest shares some amazing stories from his career as well as what his legacy might be leading young athletes today.  Plug those earphones in and go for a shoot around for today's first NBA athlete on the Athlete On Fire show!

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The Weekend Warrior Show is all about sharing behind the scenes information about Athlete On Fire and everything connected to Athlete On Fire. In today's episode Scott goes and tells it on the mountain.  Well, for at least a part of the show.  Some crazy and unique interactions and observations from a busy 14ers in the Colorado Rockies mountains and he asks one questions he needs to know about YOU regarding nature.  We also dive into the last few and upcoming episodes and a family on the mountain that inspired Scott this weekend! If you have an interest in what makes a serial entrepreneur tick as well as the day to day, this is a good show for you!

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Our guest is an Ironman champion and probably the most laid back athlete you could imagine to win such a prestigious event.  Her first finish in an Ironman in Copenhagen was for first place and the 7th fastest time ever for a female.  She shares her mentality before and during these grueling triathlon's and how her mom is her biggest supporter even though she is not a fan of athletics.  Yes, some of the questions were lost in translation but you will enjoy the candor and her willingness to share her journey. Today's guest is absolutely an athlete on fire!

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This episode of Athlete On Fire brings a National Champion and world class athlete in the sport of cyclocross in to the mix.  He shares what his family did every summer and how it formed his idea of what work is.  He got into his sport at 15 and pretty much never looked back. He shares how his optimism allows him to compete at a high level and what a day in the life is like.  He breaks down the sport of cyclocross for anyone who may not know what it is and his passion is contagious.  After today's show you are going to go out and find the next cyclocross event near you and enter because today's athlete is absolutely on FIRE!

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The Weekend Warrior Show is all about sharing behind the scenes information about Athlete On Fire and everything connected to Athlete On Fire. In today's episode leanr how Life's 2 Short Events changed their model and how they were inspired from a trip to New Orleans by an amazing charity and it's founders.  A Hash House Harrier run was part of the story, amazingly.  Learn what is going on behind the scenes and why he will have his first sponsors on the show to get to know them.  If you have an interest in what makes a serial entrepreneur tick as well as the day to day, this is a good show for you!

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In this, the most recent episode of Athlete On Fire we bring back successful author and runner, Matt Fitzgerald.  There is a little spin though.  On his first time on the show he mentioned some amazing facts about his dad and we decided for Father's Day that there would be no better time to have both of these amazing men on the show.  Find out which of Matt's books is his dad's favorite.  Learn a few pointers on how to be a successful writer as both of these men have authored multiple books.  Listen as both give accounts of the "best" and "worst" day as a father and son to each other, respectively.  Hint, one had to do with the police on a doorstep.  Overall, this is a candid look at two unique men.  Together, it's a laid back episode of Athlete On Fire and you will enjoy the story of where an amazing athlete comes from in this case.

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Our guest on the Athlete On Fire show loves running so much that he start an academy dedicated to the sport.  He shares some amazing insights from his business and podcast, Runner Academy, where he interviews some of THE tops talents and minds in the sport.  He is a pretty darn good runner himself.  He shares his goal of getting his mile under 5 minutes again and we love his advice onhow to keep moving after a long busy work day. Try his core workout he shares and go back to his childhood when he spent time hanging out at Wrigley field!  Today's episode is for all levels and everyone will take something away in this installment.  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire!

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In this week's Weekend Warrior episode Scott and Lauren Jones break down how they are able to an active and adventurous lifestyle even with two little boys, three businesses, and hardly any sleep.  One of the points was inspired straight from an early Athlete On Fire interview.  Scott also shares some new develoments and who inspired him this week!

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