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Join us on this episode of the Weekend Warrior Show presented by Athlete On Fire.  We take a little break from the normal format and take the show to the trails.  Specifically, a 21.5 mile trek on North Fork Mountain.  Tons of ascending and descending on untrained legs leave Scott and his old college buddy Jered worn out but in high spirits.  We check in every 5 or so miles and try to bring you the experience as we saw it together.  We are both young parents and wanted to give you a reason to go try something big even if you are not trained perfectly for it.  Enjoy the show and get out there and be the athlete you all are!

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In this episode of the CoolDown Scott and Lauren Jones talk about the adventure gene. Are you more curious than your peers?  Do you always wonder what is around the corner?  Are you restless?  Find out what some of the most common traits of the adventure gene are and the type of people that are believed to carry it. After having so many elite endurance athletes and adventurers on the Athlete On Fire show we wanted to dive a bit more into what drives them, and others that just seem to be a little more willing to take risks for amazing experiences.  Enjoy today's CoolDown and find out if you are more like Teddy Roosevelt than you thought.


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The Weekend Warrior Show is all about sharing behind the scenes information about Athlete On Fire and everything connected to Athlete On Fire. In today's version of the Weekend Warrior show, Scott is on the road.  Straight from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and the Wright Brother's are still inspiring as they were a big part of today's show.  We talk about getting out of ruts and how to do what seems impossible by following some tried and true principles, three of them to be exact. Who is inspiring Scott?  Enjoy another epoisode of the Weekend Warrior on the Athlete On Fire show. If you like to see how things are done behind the scenes and more about the host, this might be an interesting show for you to check out. Enjoy this weeks Weekend Warrior show!

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What happens when you have spents days out on the desert, running, nonstop?  Well, sometimes you see things that aren't there.  Sometimes you find your passion out there as well.  Today's guest has done both. She was the youngest and the first female to complete the 4 deserts challenge.  Conquering 100's of unsupported miles in the world's most extreme deserts.  She works a full time job and shares how you can reach your athletic goals as a working athlete.  This is powerful as we are all mostly working in some way. She is doing some amazing things in the near future for women and girls in South Africa that is mid boggling.  She shares how she uses visualization to prepare for her events and did we mention she has a Bear Grylls story. If you love a passionate athlete doing amazing things you are going to love today's episode of Athlete On Fire.

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In today's version of the Weeekend Warrior show, Scott is on the road.  Straight from Missouri to be specific and on the first bike ride of the trip Lauren inspired the main topic of today's episode.  Overcoming injury.  Yes, she biffed it pretty hard and lost a bunch of skin but she'll be ok.  What about some amazing stories of overcoming injury that we have heard out there. Why do we push through pain?  It's pretty interesting and we just touch on it today. Also on the show, what amazing guests are coming up.  Who is inspiring Scott?  Enjoy another epoisode of the Weekend Warrior on the Athlete On Fire show.

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The CoolDown is a new show format for Athlete On Fire!  Days, weeks, and months have passed since we have talked with and learned the amazing stories of some of our athletes and we wanted to bring them back to just sit back and talk about what's going on in their lives and what's new since the last time we talked.  Not formatted at ALL, The Cool Down is supposed to be just like getting off a long trail or tough workout and talking it up with whoever you are with.  We just happen to be with an amazing athlete on fire!  Travis Brown is catching up with us again and we always love to have him on for his amazing storytelling and interesting life as a product development rep for Trek.  Today we somehow fit in amazing technological feats in bike design AND snapping turtles.  Not bad for a 20 min show!  Enjoy the candid show with the amazing Travis Brown in this newest episode of the CoolDown. 

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This episode is about adventure and the lessons learned along the way. Our guest shares the many lessons from his unlikely adventures and what drives him to do more.  What word did his mother ban from the house?  At the age of 15, what dream did he chase that formed the life he has today.  He shares the importance of risk verse reward and how he came up with the 777 project.  What are three mental skills YOU can use when something seems unbearable?  Learn why the journey is so important to him and his case for and against climbing Everest.  Oh, did we mention he ran the highest marathon in history.  This interview, like our guest's life is one big adventure. Enjoy another Athlete On Fire.

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