Athlete On Fire

The Appalachian Trail.  The Pacific Coast Trail. The Tahoe Rim through hike.  These are challenges worthy of any athlete, any hiker.  Today's Athlete On Fire just happens to be blind.  Yes, blind.  He has hiked many of our classic routes without the ability to see.  He wasn't born blind either.  He lived with his sight until a fateful and life changing blindness happened when he was 36 years old.  His amazing endurance and story is sure to inspire you to get out there and do some amazing things yourself.  As a matter of fact, his challenge is so unique you will have to try it just to relate to what he goes through as a blind hiker.  Learn how he locates himself in dangerous situations and why being in touch with all of your other senses is more rewarding at the top of peaks where views are usually the focus.  Come share in the awe and the amazing story of today's Athlete On Fire.

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