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Why would you continue to ski after your younger brother was lost due to a skiing accident?  To honor him of course.  No one could honor him more than today's guest who ski's with as much skill and passion as anyone who has put on two planks.  The first Olympic skiier to really make the transition to big mountain skiing shares her amazing story that got her where she is today.  A case for why more woman should ski and some of the adventures along the way can be heard on the show.  We know you will enjoy the show and if you know any young, impressionable women, tell them they should listen as well.  This is the Athlete On Fire show.

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Some seem to think that entitlement is the norm in today's youth.  I'm not so sure but what I am sure about is that if I teach them certain things, they have a better chance to be good men. In this episode, we talk about how many countries Athlete On Fire has reached, our general download numbers, and importantly, the 10 things I am going to teach my boys so they are generally awesome by the time I am done with them.  I think the list is legit but if you have anything to add, we would love to hear!  Enjoy this episode of the Weekend Warrior show on Athlete On Fire!

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This has got to be the most selfish show in the history of podcasting.  We bring back the amazing Jess McMillan, one of the most accomplished and skilled big mountain skiers to live and we make her teach us how to work our way up to epic cliff jumps. WE agree it is 90% mental but for the physical prep and how to build up to 30 foot drops, this is the show for you.  She has dropped a 60 footer so she is the authority!  The interview is fun and we go into other mental toughness skills that will help as well. Enjoy this epic, intense, and informative show and then get out there and drop in!  

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"It doesn't get much closer than this," the doctor told Jered in a MASH unit in a war zone as he showed him the bullet laying directly on his younger brother's femoral artery.  This was in 2004 and maybe as unlikely as any war time event.  Listen today as Jered tells the story.  He takes us on his military career in the jungles of Panama where he was stalked by a panther for a full night.  His unlikely 2 week career and what it led to present day bringing jobs and industry to his small home town on the Ohio river. Lastly, listen to the inspiring story of love and what it takes to raise a little girl with the rarest of diseases.  Athlete On Fire has teamed up with Voices For Vets to share the story of a veteran along with 45 other podcasts.  We can't help but think our Athlete On Fire is going to have one of the best and most inspiring stories out there.  

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Today's guest has just put another running themed book that takes fact, fiction, and opinion in the polarizing world of running and throws them all in the mix.  He brings us back to 1909 when an unprecedented marathon started a trend that is now stronger than ever over 100 years later. When did the first age group classification for a running event take place?  Lastly, what do your running trophies say about you when you aren't in the room.  The CoolDown is just about sharing the passion and great stories of athletes and about athletes.  This was a fun one and we learned a few pretty cool things for the next post run brew cool down!

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Our guest today tells his story of how he got started racing along with the mental and physical attributes that helped him succeed as a professional.  He gives us some great challenges for getting to the tops of mountains under his own power and why he feels stronger in retirement because of one variable he didn't always control when he was competing.  Learn what he did to support mental health after his own issues after retiring as a pro with a fellow cyclist in Canada.  All along the way we take the journey that was his and learn how to do things a bit differently, especially when it comes to listening to your body when you are training for something big!  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire!

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Adventure.  Where does it start?  How does someone know this is the path they want to take?  Athlete On Fire has had some amazing adventurers on the show.  This episode showcases an athlete that is an elite kayaker and big mountain free skier.  Featured regularly on Warren Miller and Matchstick Productions films she has made it to the top of the sport.  Traveling the world and overcoming fear are themes we cover.  Hear her story about why losing multiple friends in the kayaking world in one year pushed her back to skiing.  This is a show that will inspire you to get outside. Outside your comfort zone and into the wild to do amazing.  You grab the headphones and we'll supply the goosebumps.  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

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Ben Welnak of Mountain Bike Radio joins Scott today to talk a little about a new show he has launched about being a dad and an athlete, entrepreneur and more.  We talk about our little guys a bit and how to balance our work and lives.  We also go into a little about the newest guest on Athlete On Fire, Erin Beresini!  Enjoy a look into the makings and people of Athlete On Fire.

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In her newest book, our guest takes over the world of obstacle racing from it inception to the big players today and some of the craziness and scandal that surrounds it all.  As an athlete herself, she shares her story of endurance, how she got into the sport and some great stories along the way.  Dealing with injury and mental toughness are a constant theme for any athlete and she shares her take on both.  If you weren't hooked on obstacle racing or endurance sports, you are going to want to give them a try after this show.  Enjoy our newest Athlete On Fire!

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