Athlete On Fire

The creative director for SOLE comes over to chat about tat's, logo's, beards, and yoga. You know, all the things that make up EVERY company.  A candid insight to a tight community and culture that is SOLE.  I enjoyed learning more about a company that took a chance on Athlete On FIre.  Hope you do too.

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Mike Baker is the CEO of SOLE.  Mike has sponsored some segments of the Athlete On Fire show and now it's time to hear from him.  A passionate business and family man, Mike gets out and lives adventurously as well.  Today though, we just learn about the mega trade show that is Outdoor Retailer from an industry veteran.  Enjoy.

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Mollie and Sean Busby are no strangers to adventure.  A professional snowboarder and recreational skiier left Utah for the grandeur of Montana, and moved into a yurt.  The adventure isn't stuck in Montana though.  They travel the world backcountry skiing and boarding, have a charity to run, and put on camps for kids all over the world.  An energetic and candid talk today should leave you anxious to get out the door. Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire show live from OR in Salt Lake City.

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This is a quick recap of all that was going on for Scott and Athlete On Fire in Salt Lake for this year's Outdoor Retailer trade show.  Some real characters and inspiration.  All of the snipets have full versions on Enjoy.

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