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Go. Do. That is all.  Simple enough advice but when you are subjected to days of endurance and mental toughness, you have to keep it simple. Our guest got his interested piqued when he took part in a Ragnar Relay.  The draw of obstacle racing was just enough running and excitment and he is now definitely all in.  Workouts with hundreds, if not thousands of reps prep him for his next challenge and he shares some of the specific workouts he is using for training. For instance, he recently did 10,000 burpees in one month.  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire and get out there and do something amazing!

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Our guest is the co-founder of, the world's largest obstacle racing website and creator of some amazing and inspiring media.  Leaving a comfortable corporate job is way more challenging than scaling 10 foot walls, getting shocked, and testing every physical limit but our guest has been up to the challenge.  We talk about living within your means as "smartsizing". He has written multiple successful health and fitness books, hosts his own show, and offers up some beastly workouts.  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire

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This week's episode breaks down the 5 best athlete themed movies ever. Well, at least in the host's eyes.  A new project is brewing and we share it with you on the show.  We take two elite ultra runners and coaches, pair them with a coule runners who have never run an ultra, and film, record, and follow their journey.  Lastly, a great jump rope set to get your heart rate and agility up! Enjoy this Weekend Warrior on the Athlete On Fire show.

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Today's guest is only 11 years old but she speaks like a tried and true warrior.  As an avid gymnast and obstacle racer she talks about how she balances four hour practices.  She is going to compete in a 12hr obstacle race and shares some great training tips for specific obstacles.  We love the candor of how she tells us how she reacted when she wanted to quit during her races.  If you have young athletes at home this may be a great one to share with them!  Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire show.

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Our guest shares some of the most actionable advice we have ever heard on the show.  It's simple, it's a mindset, it will help you take your effort and lifestyle to the next level.  An Olympic sprinter for Canada, his relay team was pretty much heart broken after what happened in the 2012 Olympics.  Learn how he plans on coming back stronger, what his training schedule is like, and even some specifc exercises he can'tgo without.  Interesting athlete, great storyteller.  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

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Our guest's project is more than a little ambitious. He has to date paddled from source to sea the Amazon, Volga, and Missouri/Mississippi rivers. His stories of adventure take a back seat to the stories of humanity. A truly fun, interesting take on life on the water! Listen as he shares his thoughts and plans on the Yangtze and Nile. Why is he doing it and what has he learned from the people along the way?  Listen for an adventurous episode of Athlete On Fire!

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This episode of the Weekend Warrior go back a couple months to update you on the success of a former guest and her friend as they ran 2350km across the the Freedom Trail in South Africa for a cause that is easy to support.  Some takeaways from guests with some great success of their own and a quick, intense workout where all you need is a picnic table...That's it!  Enjoy the show.

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Mike Wardian is back and he describes a race in New Zealand that almost had me booking a ticket by the end of the talk.  Forests, pristine lakes, and amazing competition where all a part of the plot.  Of course, with a family, a real job, and a demanding training schedule sleep isn't always in the cards.  The world class runner gives us some ways to still perform at a high level when we are sleeping enough, or well.  We also talk about his strength regimen and how he is getting ready for the Spartan race from carrying his kids up the stairs to doing squats during this show.  Enjoy this CoolDown episode from Athlete On Fire.

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Our guest made the 2012 Olympic team with just 4 months our training and rehab after a potentially damaging injury.  She is now on the quest to be the best in the world in her sport, heptathlon.  She moved to a new city to work with a coach she felt would give her the best chance to do just that.  WE talk about specific training regimen as well as the mental checklist to compete at a high level. Enjoy this Olympic Athlete On Fire!

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We hit the road, 13 hours of it from Denver to beautiful Ketchum, Idaho. We make the trip for Rebecca Rusch’s 2nd annual riding of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a gravel grinder race in the amazing Sun Valley. This show is a compilation of some of the most interesting and unique participants in the weekend’s festivities. The ride was great but learning more about the town, the people, and the causes was what really made it so cool. Rebecca even has a cameo at the end of the show. Enjoy this, the first ever event review on the Athlete On Fire show!

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