Athlete On Fire

Chasing the dream from a small college to an NBA tryout and grinding it out in Europe.  our guest started in Minnesota with a love for the game of basketball.  He has taken the long route to a dream of playing professionally and it has landed him in Germany.  An unlikely friendship with a popular NBA point guard led to an unforgettable summer.  His work ethic and attitude have him playing at a high level in a country he had never been to. He shares why getting stronger mentally has made him a better player and why, for heaven's sake, he is wearing a lumberjack shirt!  He is truly an Athlete On Fire.

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This episode of the Weekend Warrior Show was recorded to let you in on some of the great content we have recently released at Athlete On Fire. We have interviewed amazing photographers and inspiring listeners to share how they made it to were they are as athletes today.  We also found a pretty cool story about a basketball tournament with a major twist during this March Madness.  Lastly, listen for the rest area workout we did driving across the country.  You just gotta move sometimes.  Enjoy this episode!

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Did you think your bucket list was ambitious?  How about 500+ inspired items to check off. From space trave to the Holi festival and the Dead Sea to Carnaval our guest has thought up the best, biggest, and most thoughtful ways to spend a lifetime.  A photographer by trade and endurance athlete in his free time we take time to travel around the world with him. Why did he quit his job in finance to travel the world?  How did he decide to start his photography business after all?  What is one of the most sadistic things you can do to train for the Death Race?  We cover all of that and more in today's Athlete On Fire show!

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This episode of Weekend Warrior updates you on the next 8 guests.  We have former Gladiators doing big things in the obstacle racing world.  Amazing photographers with nutty bucket lists.  We interview pro basketball players and elite hurdlers.  It's a busy time of year and runners are ramping up their efforts. We go over a new research study out of France that says it has the formula for efficient pacing, and the rule is to change pace.  Pretty interesting.  Enjoy this episode of the Weekend Warrior show on Athlete On Fire.

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In this, the second call with Ultra Running phenoms Ian Sharman and Michele Yates we talk about the differences in their own styles of coaching and general philosophy on different things like nutrition, base building, speed work, recovery, and strength work.  We talk about how this Becoming Ultra project is going to work with such a busy team and at the end, we reveal our runners who have signed on for this crazy journey.  Enjoy the show and be sure to keep following over the next 5 months!  

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On this, the first episode of the Becoming Ultra Project, ultra running phenoms and coaches alike Ian Sharman and Michele Yates go over the applicants of the runners who have applied to be the runners for the project.  Why is the road runner a better fit than the ex-marine?  Would this runner be good on camera?  We voice opinions and concerns in choosing the runner who will go on the 5 month journey to become an ultra runner!

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This episode of Weekend Warrior is short and sweet but packed full of fun.  The cardinal sin of podcasting, we cover that.  Our new "puppy dog", let us explain.  A great guest from last week we need to tell you about and the shows we are releasing this week.  A project we are consumed by and excited to share as the newest production of Athlete On Fire.  We have some talent involved as well and dish on all of the details.  We also keep to the trend of sharing a workout you can go try sometime this week. Enjoy!

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