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Besides all of the hundreds of miles on trail, the nutrition, and strength training there is one thing that scares athletes of new sports. It's the gear.  What do I need? What should I wear?  Why is he or she wearing that? Do I really need to spend that much? Well, today Ian Sharman goes through most every gear you would need with his running student on the Becoming Ultra show.  

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How simplifying everything builds strength.  Our guest went all in by moving to Pittsfield, Vermont to test himself, isolate and find himself.  And it worked.  He trains for obstacle and endurance events and is paying it forward by coaching others. He proves that coming from a personally bad place doesn't always have to end without taking bigtime action.   He has some crazy training resources and a humble story that may move you if you think you need a change.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire.

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Join us for the Weekend Warrior as it's starting to get crazy again in Colorado. Event season is back and getting back into it isn't always easy.  Some amazing new guests keep the wheels turn at Athlete On Fire and the Becoming Ultra Project is taking more and more time. The "all day athlete" concept is hopefully going to reach some of you who need some ideas to stay active throughout your busy lives. Enjoy the Athlete On Fire show!

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Michele Yates and Bailey Black are on the  show to share the journey of the Becoming Ultra Project.  Michele, a world class ultra runner is coaching the ultra newbie and they have already run into a snag.  This snag, ITBS, ends up being the main focus of the show. We talk injury prevention, treatment, and how tough it is mentally to deal with chronic injuries.  You may be checking your shoes before this episode is over.

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Our guest is on a mission to run the Leadville 100.  Why did he lose so much weight and hire one of the best ultra coaches out there to make this a reality? Who inspired him to take this journey?  Growing up on a pig farm in the midwest and going on to make people laugh on the stages of NYC and network TV, he has a unique background for an ultra runner.  He is funny, and real, and knows his own story well enough to keep you interested in every next word! Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.

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And if you are going to run, run your own pace. Raise your kids your own way. Really, we don't know the best way to do most things so the best combo of science, experience, and whatever the heck you want to do should work just fine. We give some example on today's episode on how to do it your way.  A former guest comes to town and the tour de Colorado is on.  We finish the show with a great trail running set you may not have done before.  Thanks for visiting the Athlete On Fire show!

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An ex-marine, single mom, and firefighter is the same person and she is training to become an ultra runner with the help of world class ultra runner Ian Sharman.  Ian is finally getting to meet Jules in person(kind of) on the Google Hangout.  They talk about scheduling runs with a busy life, getting used to hills, when to power hike, and so much more that every new ultra runner goes through.  It's a fun first look at student and coach! Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show presented by Athlete On Fire

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His goal was to make it the mailbox at the end of the driveway and back today.  Tomorrow, he would go down the street a few more feet.  This is the mindset of our guest after he suffers a heart attack and began his recovery.  He talks about the importance of taking one day at a time.  As on of the original Gladiators on the popular cult classic show American Gladiators he has always lived the life of an athlete.  He shares what and who has inspired him along the way.  He talks about the mission of the Gladiator Rock N Run he created and why it's just a bit different.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.

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The trails in Colorado are ready but will I use the right shoes?  Probably not. Will I lube up my bike?  Probably not.  Will I just get out and get after it without much thought?  Probably.  I am not as detailed as I should be, even with this podcast, but it may be interesting to you to know what all it takes for me to host and put on a show regularly. If you like behind the scenes, this may be interesting.  What hard and software does it take to put on the Athlete On Fire show?  That, and some details about our next guest show.  He played football in college and the NFL, went on the star in a cult sensation TV show and now puts on amazing obstacle events.  Enjoy this episode of the Weekend Warrior show!

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