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The Becoming Ultra show gets heavy into pre and post races practices for warming up, cooling down, and recovering.  What is the perfect warm up? What does elite ultra runner Michele Yates do for her warm up? What are some best and preferred practices for post race?  Warming up for an Ultra should be different than your last half marathon, we will tell you how. We also get into The Colorado 200 coming up this summer! 

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On this episode of Athlete On Fire we had the opportunity to get a front row seat for all of the festivities at the fourth largest race in America, the Bolder Boulder.  Sitting in on the press conference we had the chance to listen to some legends of running talk about the history of the sport, competition, and event the logistics of the race that hosts 50,000 people.  There are some great sound bites from some amazing and humble athletes.  Enjoy.

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Abdi Abdirahman has excelled as a runner for many years.  His take on what Memorial Day and the Bolder Boulder mean to him are as moving as any competition.  A true Athlete On Fire!

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How we fuel our bodies will always be debated.  Let's talk with someone who has a passion for and education in nutrition and her student.  We come away with some specific recipes for meals and smoothies as well as ideas for healthy snacks.  We also touch on the basic tenets of nutrition and healthy eating.  Enjoy as world class runner Michele Yates and her student Bailey talk all about this intriguing topic that will leave you hungry for more!

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Life is crazy complicated sometimes and sometimes there isn't one thing you can do about it. Jules life is no exception.  We dive in and see if we can pull out some chunks of time so she can manage it a bit better.  Dealing with lawyers and serious life issues are in the way though. This episode is a good look for people dealing with stress and time management.  We also talk a bit about her cold, rainy trail half a couple weeks ago and what to race in next.  Enjoy this episode with Jules and her world class coach, Ian Sharman on the Becoming Ultra Show presented by Athlete On Fire.

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This story has everything.  Injury and adversity.  Talent and art.  How do you do what you love when you love multiple things.  This athlete has figured it out. A unique athlete doing his best to make a difference in the world with his sport and positive attitude!  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire.

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Jules had some personal stuff come up today, and you know what, that's just fine. We will learn more about why she couldn't make it later but for now, we have a special episode!  Ian Sharman will be coaching us through a trail half marathon.  What to do the day before? Morning of?  We go over the physical and the mental.  Trail etiquette and race etiquette.  We even go over post race nutrition a bit.  For anyone that needs it laid out just a bit more detailed.  This will be a good one to listen to. Plus, Jules is running one this weekend.

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Bailey has been dealing with a literal pain in the butt.  ITBS feels like a knife pushing into the outside of your knee so when the pain finally goes away, how do you train smart?  That is the theme of today's show along with balancing work, life, and running to insure you are enjoying this pasttime of running.  Michele also shares her experience last week in her own ultra competition!

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Our guest saw the need for runners to get stronger so they could perform better and get less injured.  He was right on.  After founding the popular website he has found purpose to help others prevent injuries he and thousands of other runners have gone through.  We also get to learn more about his own personal journey as a runner, how to get mentally tough, and some very specific drills for injury prevention. It's an informative, entertaining session and we hope you throw those earplugs in, go for a run, and take in some running knowledge from one of the best out there!

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