Athlete On Fire

Let’s put the scenario out there.  You drove to your favorite workout spot. You know, the one with 150 stairs and tons of people running around like mad every Saturday morning.  Except you had the opportunity to be there when hardly noone else was.  So, you thought up exactly what you were going to do.  This many sets of this, this long of that.  You warm up.   You start the workout.  Then, usually about 35% of the way through the whole workout, a thought pops into your mind.

  • “This is hard and I really pushed, I think I am done.”
  • “Noone else is out here working like I am so something is better than nothing.”
  • ” I am too tired and hungry, I’ll go harder tomorrow.”

Are these justifications or good reasons to stop a workout?  The answer is probably more complex.  If this is a habit, then it is a justification.  If it happens every once in a while, it’s probably just the reason for the end of the workout that day.  So, let’s talk about those of you who totally get this situation.

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