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Today we record in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia.  Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems.  We give a few personal examples.  Scott shares 5 cases for podcasting if you were on the fence. You might not expect the main benefit but it is just that.  A stellar lasagna recipe we found that happens to be gluten free and an amazing adventure just completed in the Amazon. Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire Show.



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Why did this company that every outdoor enthusiast loves win the early holiday season boldness award in our book?  You'll have to listen.  Also on the show today, a few tips on how to fly with young kids (the last tip isn't what you'd expect). We also break down which sports mirror life and business the best and want to hear what you think.  Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire Show!

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We have a front moving in and storms just do it differently here in Colorado. How do you like your storms?  We found a new film you need to check out in the mountain biking world.  A 40+ endurance athlete does the impossible and a note on the host's dad and his need for organs.  This show was recorded on October 27, 2015 and released on that same day! Enjoy the Athlete On Fire Show.

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We get to know our second subject for Season 2 of the Becoming Ultra Project.  In a total geographical contrast from our other subject, she still has challenges of her own.  A much lower base and a tricky knee issue to start. On this episode we get to know her as a person, get some first impressions from Ian, and start to figure out how he will be addressing the issues.  If you are a runner that wondered what it takes to be an ultra runner, this is the show for you as we follow two runners for 6 months until they attempt a 50 miler!

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The Athlete On fire is all about providing resources and inspiration for athletes and active types, like you.  This show was recorded on and for October 26th, 2015.  There are a few interesting finds including a site claiming to have accurate forcasting for the full winter of snow, a site that wants you to do more active stuff and helps with that, and a crazy event that just went down in Australia.  

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Paul has been making his way in adventure and endurance for some time now so it's not surprising that he completed these events in such a short period of time.  The fact that he was competitive is where it gets interesting.  As a 40+ year old athlete he talks about the actual events and what he did to prepare.  There are some great stories of team, wildlife, nad nutrition to inspire and inform on this episode of the Athlete On Fire show!

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Krystalore Stegner and Liza Howard make their coach and athlete debut on the Becoming Ultra Season 2 opener post selection.  Krystal is the representative of the great veteran organization Team RWB and Liza Howard is the successful ultra runner and coach that will be guiding her to her first ultra at the American River 50 in April of 2016.  Today, we just get to know all about Krystal.  Where is she from? What does she expect? What was Liza's first impression of her student?  We even make them guess her time for a race 6 months away.  Enjoy this first installment.

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Kelly Shockley will be a regular contributor to the Becoming Ultra site and podcast.  Offering advice on treatment and prevention of common running ailments as well as adding her own journey to Ultra status in 2016.  In this first episode, we find out all she has in store for you ultra runners!

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Steve shares with us all of the terminology associated with sailing.  If you don't know what port, starboard, stern, or bow are you might want to listen so the rest of this series is easy sailing!  And, why did the book start with the end?

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We didn’t have this issue the first season. We had to pick 2 out of about 10 applications that first go ’round. This season was a different story though.  Over 50 applications, most really well thought out and worthy had to be sorted through. Ian Sharman and Liza Howard have a much easier time navigating 100 miles of singletrack than picking only TWO runners.  We hope anyone listening knows how tough this truly was, and how much we appreciate each and every listener and runner who applied!

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