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Being an athlete doesn't mean you have to pigeonhole yourself for one endeavor for your whole life. What do you do when the passion runs out? When the body needs a physical change?  What do elites do?  Why and how can you evolve to have a life of a never ending athlete?  We'll tackle that question today.  Kalli our Canadian Correspondent brings us upto date with some national competition in her home country.  It's a fun start to the week here at Athlete On Fire.

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Stevie is back.  A Bariloche race she said is the experience of a lifetime.  Her pathetic Spanish(her words) and the adventure of it all in Argentina.  How does a world class mountain runner transition to winter? Listen on this episode of Work Hard, Play Harder on the Athlete On Fire Network!

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As the dust settles again over Lake Las Vegas, two stalwarts of Team SISU - long standing Pro Team member Miguel Medina and staff member Dave Lokey - look back on the 2015 World's Toughest Mudder event. Memories of the cold, the wind, *that* drop into the freezing water and the occasional broken nose.

Listen to the veterans of endurance racing as they discuss what can make or break a 24 hour event, what they learned and how past experience is priceless. Both discuss what they consider to be the single most important asset of an endurance racer, too. What is it? Click, listen and find out on this newest show of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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Join us as we talk all things health, fitness, sport, and training.  Our Canadian correspondent has a great piece on new swimwear technology and controversy and we share a fun cardio challenge. All you need is a rower and treadmill.  Enjoy today's Athlete On Fire.

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Liza and Krystal are on the show to update us on Krystal's training.  Volume vs. intensity, running in the cold of winter, and strength for injury prevention are the main topics on this episode. The Becoming Ultra show is an Athlete On Fire production.

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Today is the anniversary and birthday of two very special people who are pretty lucky to be on this earth, as we all are.  Also, what is the 2 hour rule and how can it help you become more active and healthy.  The world champ of the beer mile is on the show with our Canadian Correspondant.  It's a good day in the land of athletes. Enjoy this episode!

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Matt Fitzgeralds most recent book is titled “How Bad Do You Want It?” and we talk aboutthe subject matter in detail on today’s show including why he decided it needed to be written. Is mental toughness more important than be ing fit? What are some ways to test your mental toughness? How can you become more mentally tough and what do the best athletes in the world do the we may not? All of this and more on the Fitz Ultra show which is produced by Athlete On Fire.

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This episode starts with an update on Janet's knee issues and how they have been training around them.  We then talk about a handful of tools Janet is using and why. Ian brings his expertise and thoughts to the table and it should be a pretty solid resource for new and experienced runners alike. Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show produced by Athlete On Fire.

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This episode of SISU:RADIO features an interesting story and athlete from across the world.  HEar her story of how she got into the sport of OCR and what she has learned along the way.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire network and releases a new show every Saturday to inspire you while you are out there being the athlete that you are!

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We spend the entire episode in the Galapagos Islands. From the wildlife to the sometimes sketchy people, we could have done an hour show on this inspired location.  You will learn something today!

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