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Today we get to ponder why podcasting and creating ways to inspire and inform others to be active has had such an impact on the host of the show. Also, random celebrity marathon times and a unique workout you can do with just a log.  Thank you for listening.

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Matt Fitzgerald is an author and runner who is sharing his journey to becoming an ultra runner in 2016 at the American River 50.  Today he shares a nutritional habit of late as well as why he would go run a marathon for confidence, without telling anyone.  Enjoy this episode of the Becoming Ultra Project, an Athlete On Fire production!

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Chris is an every day runner with big goals who is going to be contributing to the Becoming Ultra Project his journey to become an ultra runner.  On this show learn:

  • How he will be adding to this project
  • How he dropped from 260 lbs to where he is now
  • Why he is attempting an ultra
  • When he felt like a legit athlete
  • What race he chose for his first 50 miler
  • Why registering is all he needs to get motivated

Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.  More can be found at

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