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As the dust settles again over Lake Las Vegas, two stalwarts of Team SISU - long standing Pro Team member Miguel Medina and staff member Dave Lokey - look back on the 2015 World's Toughest Mudder event. Memories of the cold, the wind, *that* drop into the freezing water and the occasional broken nose.

Listen to the veterans of endurance racing as they discuss what can make or break a 24 hour event, what they learned and how past experience is priceless. Both discuss what they consider to be the single most important asset of an endurance racer, too. What is it? Click, listen and find out on this newest show of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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Join us as we talk all things health, fitness, sport, and training.  Our Canadian correspondent has a great piece on new swimwear technology and controversy and we share a fun cardio challenge. All you need is a rower and treadmill.  Enjoy today's Athlete On Fire.

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Liza and Krystal are on the show to update us on Krystal's training.  Volume vs. intensity, running in the cold of winter, and strength for injury prevention are the main topics on this episode. The Becoming Ultra show is an Athlete On Fire production.

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