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When trail running is of value by itself and you want to share that fact with the running world and veterans you make something happen. In this case, the Band Of Runners Trail Camp was launched.  Learn from the runners who are making this concept a reality and why they decided to go for it.  Coming in 2017!

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On this episode we have a chance to sit down and talk about asthma.  Opinions, facts and some bigger picture thoughts on how to live with the ailment as a runner.  Warren has had asthma his whole life and with a few recents changes in his diet he hasn’t used his meds for over 3 years.  Other considerations such as the money it makes for big pharma and more.

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This OCR athlete got her start in the theatre.  Huh?  Yep, and like many endurance athletes she got hooked just by trying it out like the rest of us. She shares her thoughts on how we should relate with food,  a workout any of us can use to test and retest our fitness this offseason,  and what it means to create how you want to.  We went all over in this interesting look into a passionate and happy athlete!


Enjoy this episode and always, go to for more details and to see the workout she recommends.

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Thoughts on following that gut feeling in life, as an athlete, and as an entrepreneur. A big thanks to the contributors of the AOF network and what to expect in 2017 from Athlete On Fire.  Also, the last words I said at the inspiration for Athlete On Fire's memorial service, my dad.

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Often times, in life, we think we know what we're in for...only to find out we didn't really get it. Well, this is one of those times I was 100% shown that I simply did not get it ahead of time. This past weekend Megan and I ventured up to Millinocket, Maine for the Millinocket Marathon...and while I totally thought I had a handle on what was going on...I was dead wrong. 

We've got a JAM-PACKED episode for you today!

-We finally get Bryan and Peter of "How Was Your Run Today?" on the show
-We chat about Millinocket, small town charm and the lingering haunt of days gone-by

-Chat with a local business owner about the impact of the race

-Chat with the Race Director himself about his vision for the race, why he started it, and where he'd like to see it go.


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Steven Wiseman began this journey 6 months ago, 40 pounds heavier and with a measly half marathon under his belt.  What did he take away from the experience?  What would he do differently? What is next for him?

Enjoy Becoming Ultra, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Every once in a while it's important to get away, have a little fun, and spend some time with those you love. This weekend, that happened to coincide with the opportunity to run a marathon and do some good for a town that needed it!


Darrell and Megan ventured up to Millinocket, ME for the Millinocket Marathon. Join them on this episode as they Roadtrip up LIVE as they record! Musings about the weekend, the event, coffee, and stick figure families abound.


You can learn more about the Millinocket Marathon at


You can find Darrell online at

Instagram & Twitter: @snuffydx


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This is one of those shows where you realize, there are people out there with similar lifestyles.  Passion for his business, hustle, and raising a family between it all.  Yep, we get that.  Learn how Obstacle Racing Media got started, what he is putting a lot fo time in from a media standpoint, and what is next.  We also talk about the physical skills more obstacle racers need to focus on to be more successful out there. It was a candid talk on a bunch of stuff around the world of entrepreneurship and be a passionate athlete.  Enjoy.

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Mel is a Self Care Coach working with mainly Women around the world to find balance for professional and personal health and their own happiness. She’s worked as a highflying marketer in the corporate world. Mel delves into her struggles and ultimate triumph over her eating disorder as well as a moment of awakening on top of Machu Picchu in Peru. I had a great time and learnt a bunch from Mel and her outlook on life.

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We all have fears. We look at an opportunity and the little voice inside says, “I can’t do that. What if they say no? What if I fail? What if I get embarrassed? What if I get hurt?” Bring those fears to the surface and really ask yourself the “what if…” and answer it honestly. Most of the time it’s not really as big a deal as you first thought.

In this week’s interview, former UFC Champion Bas Rutten talks about how he faced his fears before stepping into the cage. Just the fact that one of the greatest fighters ever had these fears should tell you that it’s ok to have fear. It’s not ok, however, to let that fear hold you back. God has planted potential into you. A special ability. You are meant to use your special gift to make the world– your world– a better place. Learn how…
Listen to this week’s episode of Success Through Failure.

Today I bring you Bas Rutten. Bas is a former UFC Champion and 3x King of Pancrase- which was a fighting promotion out of Japan. He’s now in the UFC Hall of Fame. He finished his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak before retiring due to multiple injuries. He later came back, in 2006, to fight again, winning by TKO. He has appeared in numerous television shows including Martial Law and King of Queens. He’s appeared in movies and even has a cameo in the video game Grand Theft Auto. He has also developed his own unique version of a training mask called the O2 Trainer.

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