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Steve and Maria have made their way through the Malacca Straights and similarly dangerous coast of Malaysia and now they have made it to Thailand.  The plans for a big sail and some new characters surface.  Part 2 of "Voyage Into Hell" has some ominous foreshadowing.  Voyage Into Hell is a series covering the book of the same name in a weekly interview with the author.  Follow the adventure with the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Krystal is recovered from her Boston Qualifier from the Carlsbad Marathon and is ready to keep pushing for her 50 mile in less than 70 days.  An ankle issue has popped up and we talk about some potential fixes.  Also, a pretty brutal treadmill set anyone can give a shot.  Becoming Ultra is about becoming an ultra runner and is produced by the Athlete On Fire Network.

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Selling Yourself: we're all doing it every day -- it's just a question of if you're doing well or not. Most aren't, because there're not even aware of the fact they're selling. Dre shares his tips on how and why to sell yourself, in sports, business, relationships, and everywhere else. The DreAllDay Show is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Today we talk about doping in sport and what some brands are doing to make a statement.  The return of a podcast for active entrepreneurs.  A redesign of the Athlete On Fire website and a preview of a high altitude winter obstacle race in the Rocky Mountains!  The Athlete On Fire show is all about bridging the gap between amazing athletes and the rest of us.

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Matt Fitzgerald ran his first open loop last weekend and finished by doing the most miles in a single run in his life.  It turned out to be a 50k.  That's 31 miles at, or close to, a pre designated pace.  Hear how his open loop went and how you can try one for yourself!  Fitz Ultra is produced by the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Is making it in basketball hard? YES. Most players won't ever make $1 playing basketball. Dre Baldwin shares both the business of why that is, and what you can do about it. DreAllDay is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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Janet ran, completed, and totally nailed her goals for her first ever marathon in Carlsbad.  Now her coach Ian Sharman sits down to talk about what is next.  How long is she going to go?

What are some of the tougher things in her program coming up?  How should she be recovering?  All of this and more on the show today.  Oh, Ian did something pretty crazy last week as well. He shares it on the show.

Also, Janet recorded a handful of snippets from her weekend in Carlsbad. They are a real fun look at her experience and we lead the show off with them!  Becoming Ultra is a production of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Chris is joining us again to fill us in on how his training for the Antelope Canyon 50 miler is going.  An injury just won’t go away.  What is he doing to get through this?  What type of strength and cross training?  Yeah, injuries are annoying but learning from others who are coping helps us all.  The Becoming Ultra show is a production of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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The sailboat Aspen and it's crew had to navigate the 20+ mile Straight Of Malacca, known as one of the most dangerous pirate infested sections of water in the world.  Listen to find out how they navigated through as well as their impressions of Singapore. The Voyage Into Hell Show is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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School is great to learn, but is is great to grow and educate entrepreneurs in 2016?  Maybe, probably not though.  This show is a back and forth on the many options out there to go find your education for your entrepreneurial journey.  DreOnFire is a weekly show with entrepreneurs and lifetime athletes Dre Baldwin and Scott Jones. 

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