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It's a match made in heaven. Team SISU, known for designing an event and then spending some more time thinking of ways to break the participants even more and Goruck, a company led by people that take a sick sense of pleasure in having people grimace in physical discomfort for hours at a time. It seems only right that the two join forces for events and indeed, this podcast.

In this episode, regular host Cookie talks to Goruck Partnership Manager & Photographer Kit Klein about the company, it's aims, it's goals and everything in-between.  

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Janet is one of the rare few who is about to run her first marathon as a training run.  When you are training for your first 50 miler that makes sense. Listen to see how her training is coming along to date!  We also brainstorm some indoor training/running ideas for these winter months.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra Show!

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The new year is bringing solid new talent to the mix for Athlete On Fire.  We announce the new network contributors, hear from our Canadian Correspondent on some naked business and get the year rolling with some behind the scenes info.  Enjoy the Athlete On Fire show!

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