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Every entrepreneur in the world of sport, performance, adventure, and athletics knows the feeling of wanting more freedom.  Of being able to work on something they would do for free.  Starting is number one for any endeavor but where?  We talk about where you should start when picking and entrepreneurial journey.  The list you be making before you start. What is a good why?  What are common mistakes by other entrepreneurs?  Dre shares some info about his upcoming TED talk and we get to hopefully inspire and inform you to get started!  DreOnFire is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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The main subject of Fitz Ultra, Matt Fitzgerald has run more than 20 marathons in his life.  He has not, until now, run one by himself.

We dive into every question we could think of logistically, mentally, nutritionally, and otherwise as to how it went and how you can do this too.  It’s not as crazy as it seems, especially when you are training for a 50 miler.  WE also talk about a concept training run, the “open loop”. What is it and why should you try it for your training. Enjoy the Fitz Ultra episode which is produced by Athlete On Fire!

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