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In this podcast episode, Dre Baldwin covers the 3 things everyone needs to place yourself in the top 5% of ANYTHING you do in life (It’s actually Top 1%, but Dre used 5% to make it more “realistic” for people who lack a certain amount of self-belief):
1) Have goals and visions and look at them DAILY
2) Obtain books and audio tapes, aka personal development, and consume the content DAILY
3) Become consciously aware of your habitual thought; learn to identify non-empowering thoughts and immediately replace them with positive, empowering thoughts. 
Dre emphasizes that the mental component you bring to anything will play a large part in determining your success or failure. As an expert in empowerment, confidence and the mental game, Dre is the perfect person to share who you can ling your goals and your mental game to get where you want to go. 
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Krystal and Janet travelled to Carlsbad California for two different but very cool reasons.  Krystal was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon and Janet was running her first marathon ever!  We sit down to talk all things pre race and strategy with them and Liza Howard.  Becoming Ultra is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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