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"Technical Difficulties"
Meet Tory and Arielle from British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. These passionate ultrarunners are excited to share their experiences in the ultrarunning world and learn more about what inspires ultrarunners and explorers. Recently they have encountered some technical difficulties. No we aren't talking about solely running an ultra, or even training for one. Tory and Arielle have had an interesting and challenging past month recording for their podcast debut. In this show, we meet the Canadian duo as they introduce themselves, their new website and blog, and how they met. The ladies also reflect on their experience in the first month of 2016 and why goal setting in increments is beneficial as a runner and as an overall human. They have also recently discovered parallels in learning how to record a podcast and running an ultra. 
Other topics:
- How Tory and Arielle met
- The month of January, and the idea of resolutions
- What lies ahead for UltraDirt and their website / blog 
Ultra Dirt is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!
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UltraDirt is one of our few co-hosted shows.  Hosted by two Canadian ultra runners who want to share what noone else is sharing with their own unique take, you are sure to never get bored with these passionate runners.  Listen to this first show to get an idea of what to expect and be ready to dive in for more.  UltraDirt is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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