Athlete On Fire

Sonya Looney is a World Champion mountain biker on a mission to empower, teach, and inspire as much on the bike as off.  She has competed all over the world from Nepal to Mongolia, Sri Lanka to Patagonia and everywhere in between.  An event in Nepal helped her redefine what winning really means.  She has been featured on TED Talks and is currently a self managed athlete with 20 brand relationships.  She is busy, driven, passionate, and real.  You should listen to learn the whole story on the Athlete On Fire show!

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Dre lays out the five steps you'll follow to NOT be stupid in life. To become successful, one must know both what is necessary to be done and what is NOT to be done. Dre lays out the 5 steps in detail and how they will be applied. The DreAllDay Show is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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