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As a new ultra runner you know that everyone is running long back to back runs on the weekends.  The problem is, you have no idea where to start.  What should your base be?  How many each day? What are your pacing goals?  Should the terrain differ? We answer these and more to help you figure it out.  Also, Ian Sharman talks about his goals for Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in Texas and we have to mention some free training sessions for the treadmill in the middle of winter.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show produced by the Athlete On Fire Network.

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When it comes to veterans and faces or names from the Death Race and of endurance events in general, few strike chord as a certain Mr. Don Devaney.

Death racers from days of yore will know that he comes from a philosophical background, but can still throw punches in a metaphorical sense when it comes to covering vast, uncomfortable distances.

Team SISU catches up with Don and talks about books people should read, what it means to truly understand endurance and his inclusion in the SISU Iron.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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