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It was the best birthday present ever - we got to talk to the one and only Heather Anderson. She just got back from her 3rd attempt at Barkley. Enough said. We would call her a bad ass, but that's an understatement. We had the opportunity to pick her brain about expectations, fairy tales, mountains, FKTs, primal living, accepting challenges, and trail rompers. 
Heather, known as Anish on trails, completed her “Triple Crown” of Backpacking in 2006 at the age of 25. She completed the 2,100 mi long Appalachian Trail in 2003, the 2,600 mi long Pacific Crest Trail in 2005, and the ~2,600 mi long Continental Divide Trail in 2006. She subsequently took up ultra-marathon running, completing six 100 mile races since August 2011 as well as dozens of 50k and 50 mi events. 

She is well known for setting the overall self-supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013 (60 days, 17 hours, 12 min), breaking the previous record by four days. In 2015 she once again made FKT history, setting the overall self-supported FKT on the Appalachian Trail (54 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes) also breaking that record by four days. 

When not on an adventure Heather is an online coach and ACE certified Personal Trainer. She also speaks about her adventures regularly and is currently working on a book chronicling her Pacific Crest Trail record.

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After his collegiate wrestling career, our guest did what millions others do. He got a job.  His job happened to be teaching Spanish and he would quit to go and train to be an MMA fighter.  It was a pretty good decision as you will hear in today's Athlete On Fire show.  Listen to his physical and mental prep and what he is doing now to empower other athletes and entrepreneurs!

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That moment you say "This is what it's all about" could be more than just a fleeting moment.  When you say it may help you find your passion, or your friends!  How dialysis in the family pushes through tough physical efforts.  What amazing athletes are coming on the show in the next week?  Who did I meet this weekend we should all pitch in for?  And, do you want to Skype?  Let's talk about that and more on the Weekend Warrior show with Athlete On Fire.

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Neely Fortune has done a great job of leading a double life in recent times. When not taking part in endurance events and OCR races, she's winning beauty pageants and becoming Miss Vermont.

Quite literally a beauty with a beast within, Neely took time out of her busy schedule to catch up with Cookie and Team SISU to share some thoughts on what she does, and why she does them.

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Trey Jenifer was born with a rare disease that didn't allow his lower body to develop.  Who cares?  This dude is a beast. From one of the best wrestlers in the state of Maryland and on to college and now Team USA's wheelchair basketball team he is an amazing athlete. On this episode we talk about some of the things everyone wonders but never asks people without legs.  What it is like to compete at the highest level.  We learn so much that you are just going to have to listen yourself!  It's a fun one on the Athlete On Fire show.

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Ashley Seeger is well known in OCR and endurance circles as being one of the toughest and grittiest competitors in the community today. Harnessing that determination is what is making her return to fitness prove to be a little easier - or at least a little less difficult - than most.

Last seen supporting the racers at the TPK Endurance event despite nursing her braced leg, she took a moment to talk to Team SISU about how she's getting along. What drives her? What motivates her? Why does a little thing like a major leg injury not phase her?

In this podcast, she explains it all.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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The pirate trials have ended and there is still sailing to be done.  After picking up their boat in Turkey Steve and Maria joined another Rally to cross the Atlantic with as safely as possible.  Lessons learned and another stop on Dominica for an eery reunion with "Sexy Bones". We also go into a Q and A for big picture questions after sharing the details of the whole journey.  Enjoy Voyage Into Hell.

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Our guest shares her passion for life and all things running with Athlete On Fire. Find out how she ended up in one of the most beautiful places in the United States.  Her philosophy on happiness.  Why following your dream is good parenting and what crazy dream she is embarking upon in 2016.  Her heart is big for charity and helping others and you will come away learning something about her, and yourself after this episode of Athlete On Fire.

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The last 6 months started with an ambitious goal to run a 50 miler. The longest run before Janet started on this journey was 13 miles.  With the help of ultra runner and coach Ian Sharman and plenty of support from a loyal audience, friends, and family, she was able to race in the American River 50 and tell us all about it on this show.  We hope you enjoyed her journey as much as we did.  This is the Becoming Ultra show of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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This episode of Ultra Dirt goes over updates on the Zion 100km and 100miler happening as we speak, waterfalls, unicorns, your purpose, and China. Big shout out to the unicorns on an amazing Gorge Falls 100km race last weekend in Oregon! 

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