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On this episode I bring you Russell Brunson. Russell started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University. Within a year of graduating he had sold over a million dollars worth of his own products and services from his basement!

For over 12 years now Russell has been starting and scaling companies online.  He owns a software company (ClickFunnels), a supplement company, a coaching company, and is one of the top super affiliates in the world.

 DotComSecrets was created to help entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online.

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Russell shares what he's learned from wrestling and how that's helped him build multi-million dollar businesses.

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Having served for 10 years in the US military, Todd's background prepared him for his time doing events like the Spartan Hurricane Heat, the Death Race and World's Toughest Mudder.

What makes Todd that little bit different is that he's not a believer in training. To him, the mental side of events where the body is pushed holds more weight. In this podcast, Cookie from Team SISU talks to the veteran about events he's completed, some he didn't and his time at Spartan Race when it was only a fledgling company.

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JC Santana is the authority on functional training.  We talk about some of the myths associated with the term functional, the athletes he is working with now, and the challenges he sees new trainers and coaches facing every day.  With unmatched energy and enthusiasm for his trade, you will walk away feeling more confident about the state of training and how it applies to you.  JC also shares one of the toughest bodyweight leg sets we have tried that he uses for many of his pro MMA athletes.  Enjoy the show!

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A listener, Lisa, is on her feet at work for 50 hours a week, is a single mom with two teenagers, and is training for ultras.  We brainstorm a few training concepts she may be able to use in her training that will be good for anyone who is busy balancing work, life, and the important stuff, running. We also have to remind everyone that season 3 applications are being taken now for the Becoming Ultra Project!  Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.

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On this episode, we talk about Arielle's upcoming 100km Treadmill Record for Team Mito in Calgary on May 28. Rumour has it, the treadmill is making a comeback?! Also, the differences between training outside and inside. As well, how we have learned how important our friends and family networks are. We think of them as our most important 'sponsors.'

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Luke is an Australian Endurance Adventurer. He’s played professional football (soccer), competed in the Marathon Des Sables, Double Brutal extreme triathlon, Mt Everest Ultimate Marathon, Mt Aspiring, Hainan running for survival and climbed volcanoes on Guatemala.

Luke has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and is a qualified Personal Trainer.

In this episode Luke and I delve into his professional football (soccer) career in America, Belgium and England.  Luke is very candid and open about his ongoing battle with depression.

We also touch on self-confidence, motivation, tearing his calf muscle, not just running but competing in the Marathon Des Sables, his Ultimate Triathlon, which is freaking epic by the way.

Pre, during and post adventure mindset, meditation, pre and post biotics, diet and clean eating.

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The Cooldown is all about endurance and OCR from the people involved on both sides.  This week we hear from our host about an event in Colorado that bonded some friendly foes on the trail.  The case for unplugging from technology and a congrats to a race director in Arizona for bringing back a unique event.  Also, we give you a session to improve your downhill running.  Inspired by lots of blood on a trail run this weekend. Enjoy The Cooldown, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Today I bring you Doug Muir. Doug is an authority in business strategy, customer development and the Business Model Canvas, having successfully built several multimillion-dollar enterprises from the ground up.  He is considered the start-up guru and speaks internationally on topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business growth.

Muir teaches Entrepreneurship at the prestigious University of Virginia. What you won’t read about him in his bio, though, is the incredible adversity that he had to overcome to get there. Doug shares both his story and tactics you can use to overcome your own adversity.

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Quietly destroying events without fanfare or a flurry of unnecessary hashtags, Maria Hernandez's meteoric rise from couch to SISU Ironwoman in only three years is story befitting of the SISU motto.

Dipping her toe in the OCR world as late as only three years ago, she leaves behind her a trail of conquered events, but always thirsty for more. Starting out with a Spartan Sprint, she has set her sights higher and higher and now brushes off endurance events like they barely even register.

Cookie of Team SISU caught up with Maria recently and spoke to her about her time in OCR and Endurance to find out what it is that makes her tick, why she does it and what advice she can give to those that are looking at immersing themselves in the world of obstacle racing and endurance events.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire network!

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Season 3 of the Becoming Ultra Project is now LIVE, if you will.  The applications for the Team RWB representative and the general representative are live at  If you are looking to do something truly epic this year, this may be for you.  We urge you to listen to the whole show to get an idea of what we are looking for before you apply.  And, if it isn't for you, share this with someone it may be for!  This is the Becoming Ultra Project, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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