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Matt Trinca has been one of the main pillars of Team SISU since it's formation.  Having  a strong background in running, his base in endurance means that the events he helps design are based heavily in knowledge and a keen urge to help others in what he has learned himself.

Speaking with Cookie on the 30th episode of SISU Radio, Matt covers his high school days, training, how an injury that could have ended his career was dealt with and much more besides.

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In this episode Chris and I get into his experience in the British Navy at the age of 17. Dealing with negative influences, the workings of social media, his experience exiting the military and transitioning into the world as a civilian and building his tech company.  We discuss mindset and ideas surrounding entrepreneurship and how to make money doing what he loves. Talk about his recovery from being hit by a car and breaking his back, the mental strength it takes to overcome the years of recovery. We then go deep into the impending European Brexit election, should the UK stay or go. Chris is a very open and forthright guy who I had a lot of fun chatting with, I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.


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The Becoming Ultra is showcasing yet another runner training for a 50 miler with the coaching help of one of the best ultra runners out there, Liza Howard.  We talk about his best and worst experiences running to date, what he is excited about, as well how his relationship with his coach will work.  We hope you enjoy and learn something from the show!

Becoming Ultra is produced by the Athlete On Fire show.
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