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A familiar face of many SISU and other OCR events, Chris Cow has quietly gone back about his business in getting into shape, using his background in martial arts as the catalyst to stay on the endurance road.

With more OCR races and endurance events under his belt than many, Chris' journey started with an epiphany that his health ought to be a lot stronger than it was. In this podcast, we learn about that realization, what he did about it and how he knows stays on the straight and narrow.

SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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Becoming Ultra began a little over a year ago with the idea of videoing some runners training for their first ultra. Three seasons later a podcast, website, and countless videos have been created.  We have thousands of downloads per months and a great community is developing.  This is the show to start the planning to keep this around for a long time.  Not unlike running an ultra, we are in it for the long haul and hope you'll be a part of this.  Thanks for listening. Becoming Ultra is produced by the Athlete On Fire Show.

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