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Softly spoken and often going under the radar, Rob Barger avoids the limelight like a vampire avoiding the sun.

But it's the quiet ones you should look out for.

Rob brings with him a wealth of experience in the world of endurance, having been a part of everything from the Death Race, Goruck Selection and most things in between. Harnessing that knowledge, he now brings a depth and dimension to not just the SISU Iron, but also to Spartan Endurance events like the Agoge and the HH12HR.

Cookie caught up with his long lost brother and talked about all things endurance.

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Steven keeps hitting the boredom point around mile 8-10.  It's gonna happen every once in awhile. You can listen to shows, music, and apparently, "Murder She Wrote."  You can also play some mental games without electronics and of course, find people to run with.  We talk about any and all of this on the Becoming Ultra show today!


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Spring McClurg and her husband have two of the best mountain themed Instagram feeds in the world.  In this excerpt, a part of the longer interview on the Ultra Dirt show, Episode 10, she shares her perfect day in the mountains.

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In this episode of UltraDirt, we chat to the positively inspiring Spring McClurg. Her authenticity and adoration for the mountains is felt in everything she says and does. Although raised in the Rockies, the mountains did not 'find her' until later in life. Her and her husband reset their life in Squamish and decided to embrace the mountain life in their new community. Their story is encouraging and humbling.  Spring is now about trying to push past mental and physical barriers to see what is really possible. Oh, and she's funny too. She teaches us to "commit or go home - but don't hesitate."


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How much adventuring can you pack into a weekend? More than you would expect. Huddled together in the map room at the charming Feral Mountain Co. on Tennyson St in Northwest Denver, we chat over some tasty beers provided by our friends at Boulder Beer (as well as some from Feral neighbors Call to Arms Brewing) and talk about weekend adventures - Gociety Director of Partnerships Jason Antin's tries to "Beat Monday" by pushing the limits of what's capable in the 64 hours between 5PM Friday and 9AM Monday and talks about his 4th of July "Picnic" weekend in Jackson, WY. Continuing on with the Wyoming love, Adventure Racers Erik Sanders (Team Yogaslackers) and Katie Ford Ferrington (Team Journey) gear up for the recently completed Cameco Cowboy Tough 3.5 Day Expedition Race (with their teams finishing 4th and 7th, respectively) and get us all stoked that adventure racing not only still exists, but is making a comeback. Katie also convinces (challenges? goads? dares?) the Dispatch crew into taking on her very own adventure race; the Never Summer Adventure Race being held in Grand Lake, CO August 6th-7th. Cory and Nick will be representing Team Mandragora / Spicy Boys in the 24 hour race and Russ will be taking his broken (and potentially removable at this point) toe as a teammate for the 6 hour course. All this, plus an interview with the most feral of the bunch at Feral Mountain Co., Mr. Jimmy Funkhouser on following his passions by opening a very unique small mountain shop and what his preparations for the Colorado 200 look like as a first timer.

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Our guest got done playing professional football in the NFL and started training young athletes in his hometown of Portland.  He learned pretty quickly that the mental side of their game was lacking.  We talk mindset and his story on this episode of the Athlete On Fire.

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Olaniyi Sobohemin played in the NFL and has focused on mindset with athletes as he found the mental game was lacking. This is an excerpt from a full episode releasing soon from the Athlete On Fire Network. 

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On this episode, Tristan James.  At only 20 years old, Tristan has become an expert in human motivation with endorsements by Pastor Joel Osteen and Mike Tyson. He is a best-selling author and nationally recognized motivational speaker, and international life coach being called the "next Tony Robbins." While he played soccer in high school, Tristan won 7 state championships in forensics and debate. He was also the recipient of the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year award in 2014 as well as Student of The Year from the National Speech and Debate Association.

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Garfield Griffiths has been the mastermind behind events for a long, long time. Cutting his teeth in marketing and DJ-ing, he eventually found OCR where many people now know him.

Swapping the fog on the Tyne in the north of England to the somewhat warmer climate of Florida, he's always busy plotting either a race or a new obstacle, but who is the man behind the Geordie smile?

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with him recently and discussed OCR and endurance and how it stands in today's world.

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Tarran is setting off to cross the country of Sweden on a stand-up paddleboard.  For this adventure, he recruited 4 friends and has somme pretty strict stop times if he intends on keeping those friends.  15 days and 635 km including the canals of Sweden and a last few days on the Baltic Sea.  We talk about the idea, the planning, and the expectations on this episode!

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