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This week we share a cycling event in Golden, a beast of a Spartan in Breckenridge, and bring on the creator of a popular running website in Boulder and creator of the first annual event that couples trails and films in Boulder.


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Last time Darrell & Megan talked about their big goals and the training necessary for success. This time, they talk about the running journeys that led them here. Their stories aren't quite so crazy, and could easily be anyone's story...including yours. It all starts with that first step.
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Unicorns unite to chat about last weekend's Fat Dog 122 mile run in and around Manning Park, British Columbia. Arielle talks with Tara Berry and Tory about their experiences at Fat Dog. Tara completes her first "100" (122) miler mostly on course record, even though it's 2 miles longer this year - finishing in 2nd. She also crushes and dominates the smile competition. The girls talk about eating, overheating, German sparkle parties, glitter, feet issues, pick up lines, bacon, wildflowers, breastfeeding, and not dying. Oh, and Alicia the unicorn surprises us with her presence and shares her experience pacing Tara. Hilary the unicorn (pictured with Tara and Tory) also had her 100 mile debut and placed 3rd! Shout out to Mountain Madness for a spectacular event! 

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