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Our host had an experience on the treadmill and the same day found some science to support it.  Is fatigue totally in your head?  Also, DNF-ing is such a daunting concept.  Most of us have been there or will be one day but what about focusing on the start line and letting the cards fall where they may.

Enjoy this episode of the Becoming Ultra show!

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Today I bring you Nate Quarry. Nate grew up in a sheltered lifestyle and did not participate in organized sports until age 24, when he first became exposed to MMA. After a period of self-discovery, he rejected his Jehovah's Witness upbringing, which he later characterized as a cult who control their members 24 hours a day. This led to expulsion from the Jehovah’s Witness faith and caused him to become alienated from his family and former friends. He began to associate with others outside of the church and along the way began to train in mixed martial arts fighting. He landed a spot on the Ultimate Fighter tv show and eventually made his way to Team Quest in Oregon. He fought 22 professional fights, winning 18. He’s now an entrepreneur with his hands in multiple businesses.

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Nav Akbar once called the bluff of an armed robber that threatened to rob his store. Telling the thief what physical discourtesies would happen, Nav made it very clear that he wasn't the sort of person who you tangle with.

Growing up in Scotland, UK, you learn how to survive, get tough or let life drag you down. His years of working as a mild-mannered grocery store clerk only fed him more and more fuel that would drive him to become of of the main faces of OCR in the UK today.

Cookie caught up with his good friend and they chatted about Nav's introduction to OCR and endurance and the differences between US and UK events.

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Colorado is an amazing place. This week we talk about what most Coloradans do for this sliver of time called Fall.  Adaptive athletes pushing the envelope and trail runners migrate to Estes Park.  Dispatch Weekly is all about what is going on in Colorado.

Dispatch Radio is a local project partnering with Athlete On Fire from Colorado.

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It’s raining men (and women… mostly women, actually) on this sky high episode of Dispatch Radio. Join hosts Kelly Cornish-McConnell, Laurie Nakauchi and Cory Feign as they go well above and beyond our usual 5,280’ and meet some people experienced in the art of jumping out of or off things and safely returning to earth to discuss what they just did on a podcast. Adventure journalist Jayme Moye gets inspired covering a paragliding recon mission to jump off Kilimanjaroand ends up taking the plunge herself with Vail Valley Paragliding in our own backyard. Yogi Steph Schwartz talks about her transition from ultra-runner to yogi to badass skydiver and skydiving instructor and how mindfulness factors into both disciplines. World hang glider speed record holder Ben Herring introduces us all to hang gliding and discusses how he balances his decades-long obsession with being a dad and working full time (Hint: it involves sharing his passion with others).

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Jon is a New Zealand, Londoner. He grew up in NZ and moved to London where he’s worked and lived for many years whilst travelling the globe on some awesome adventures. Today’s podcast see’s Jon and I discuss his latest and greatest adventure “The Great Game”, where he brought a land cruiser named Boris and drove from London, through Europe and across Asia, culminating in returning to Kabul, Afghanistan for cricket match.

If you’ve ever had that urge to go off and travel, to drive and experience the road and all the ups and down that come with it, this is your fill of inspiration. And you can even check out his documentary of the trip… I know I will be.


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Our guest is also a podcast host so we have no problem getting the conversation going.  We talk about how to get people who way they hate running to give it another try.  Training schedules.  How she feels during high training times and more.  Athlete On Fire is here to bridge the gap between amazing athletes and the rest of the world.

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All too often people find themselves in an unfulfilling cycle. Get up, go to work, stare at the clock, go home...with no sense of purpose, no sense of pride, and maybe no sense of your impact on the world at large.

I, and many like me, spend our days differently. We wake up high on life, swipe a keyfob at the door, and walk into a world where we can help people make lasting, positive change in their lives.

Today I want to talk about where I work, what I do, and why, no matter how hard some days might be... I love it every damn day. Today you find out what it means to #BleedPurple.

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Recovery week!  Steven has one coming up and we dive in a bit more on the why and how of recovery as it pertains to the bigger picture of training for a first ultra!   Learn more at

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Our guest is a speaker, coach and leadership trainer with the John Maxwell team. Yes, that John Maxwell- the leadership author, speaker and guru. Dale graduated magna cum laude from Morgan State University and holds a law degree from one of the top law schools in the country- University of Virginia. He’s also the host of the Live The Goals podcast, a show dedicated to helping you set and reach goals that matter. He was also an athlete, having wrestled in high school.


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