Athlete On Fire

Darrell and Megan venture out to the Foolproof brewery to experience one of the events out there - a “beer mile”. Learn what a beer mile is, how it came to be a “thing”, and what it's really to participate in one. Also… Learn why Darrell came frighteningly close to his first voluntary DNF. And in a shocking turn of events...Megan beats Darrell in a race! All this and more in episode 5!

You can learn more about Foolproof Brewing Company and the events they hold (both at and away from the brewery) at

So THIS Is Fitness is the newest podcast on the Athlete On Fire network.
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Another HO Show (Hosts Only). Tory and Arielle talk about the biology behind coming down from the highs after a goal race. Check out to learn more. Ultra Dirt is all about the side of running most won't talk about.

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