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In August 2016 Tarran takes a team of 5 guys on an adventure Stand Up Paddle Boarding through Sweden. From Gothenburg to Stockholm via the Gota Canal, Great Lakes and Baltic Sea.

This is episode 1 of 2-parts where Tarran talks all things surrounding the adventure just days after coming off the Baltic Sea.

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STIF:07 - You Can Lead A Horse To Water...

Even if you’re a fitness fanatic, or had that epiphany and “found fitness” can be tough to get those you care about to have that same kind of “awakening”. It can be frustrating, saddening, and even cause a little anger and resentment when friends and loved ones just refuse to do something you KNOW will be beneficial for them, and that they might even enjoy! So how do you get those YOU care about to the same place? You might not like the answer…

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It was like Christmas speaking with the legend Andrew Hamilton and satisfying our (okay, Tory's) obsession with 14ers and FKTs. The Nolan's and 14er record holder humbly inspires and educates us on how to be a badass male unicorn. 

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