Athlete On Fire
Today I bring you Steve Garland. A master motivator and speaker, Steve has traveled the country telling his story and inspiring audiences. Steve’s childhood was layered with periods of instability. Bouncing back and forth between his father and his mother, Steve and his twin brother ultimately settled into the single parent lifestyle, being raised raised mostly by their mother. Steve has witnessed first hand the destruction that addiction, violence and incarceration can do to a family…but the experiences weren’t all bad. He believes now that it was the storms in life that have ultimately brought him to a place of purpose, peace and hope.
Finding his way in life through sport and the guidance of a few key people, he ended up at the top public university in the nation, the University of Virginia, where he found himself wrestling for the national championship in front of 15,000 people and millions more watching on ESPN. Steve is now mentoring young men as the head wrestling coach at the University of Virginia. 
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