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”You can be a good person AND the best in the world. Frankie is a perfect example.” The Spaniard says that in this extra-special episode featuring Frankie Edgar, active UFC fighter and former lightweight champion, whose friendship with the Spaniard began during college. Frankie's devotion to family, friends, teammates and training shines as he discusses a career that led from underground fighting to an upcoming bout in Madison Square Garden. Frankie was The Spaniard’s inspiration to pursue the UFC, and he is the best possible first guest on ”A Fighter’s Mindset.” Where else will you hear two guys compare notes on both changing diapers and breaking bones around their eye sockets?

A Fighter's Mindset is our newest show with the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Today I bring you Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton. Andrea and Richard- my first dual interview on Success Through Failure --  are the premier experts on overcoming failure, rejection, and fear of the word, ‘no.’ They believe that courage is the single most important virtue on which everything else in life is built. And that when people build their courage, anything is possible. They co-wrote the best-selling book titled “Go For No: Yes Is The Destination, No Is How You Get There.” Through the dialogue of the two main characters they have created an entertaining story that presents the key concepts essential to success in sales and anything else in life. They are living their dream of speaking and writing, traveling the country and delivering their message to tens of thousands of people and changing lives with their Go for No! message.

We believe in the message that Jim and his guests bring every episode for the Athlete On Fire Network!

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