Athlete On Fire

Today I bring you Gina Parris. Gina has been a motivator in the field of personal development for over thirty years. She began studying, applying and teaching on high performance as a teenager. When she was not speaking or training as a competitive athlete, she was honing her sales skills at a specialty menswear boutique where she was a top performer. She even gave her first paid speech at 16 year old.

It’s been Gina’s life’s work to help people to reach their God-given potential and to turn their stress into strength. She’s a Tony Robbins certified Strategic Intervention coach and her clients include top athletes, coaches & sports parents, as well entrepreneurs and other professionals.



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Steven is surprised about something he didn't plan for for his first marathon. You will probably be able to relate.  That and more from his first marathon.  Liza and Scott are just here for comic relief today.

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