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Let’s get stoked for snow!  Listen in as we chat with some badass snow enthusiasts about what to look forward to this year.  We talk gear tips, training tips, uphill skiing, skimo racing, backcountry adventures, and of course weather predictions.

Joel Gratz – meteorologist who tells us where to find the pow over at

Jon Kedrowski “Dr. Ski” – author, ski mountaineer, and geographer.  Check out his book about camping on top of all of Colorado’s 14ers.

Joe Howdyshell – all-around badass who helps people achieve their fitness goals at Summit Endurance Academy

Henrik Førland Lampert – editor of FREESKIER Magazine

Kimberly Beekman – editor of Skiing Magazine

Dispatch is a partner of Athlete On Fire and is reporting on all thing adventure in Colorado.

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It's one of the weirdest team-ups out there...but for some reason beer (well, alcohol in general) and fitness seem to go together just like peanut butter & jelly. 

I, for one, enjoy a good brew every now and does every other Average Joe out there. But there are some questions we should probably be asking before we start chugging away, don't you think?

With that under consideration...I ventured back to the Foolproof Brewery to talk to the President of the company - Nick - about all things beer. 

In This Episode:


- Foolproof Brewing Company - where it came from & why it's so awesome

- What's really IN that beer, and how do flavors happen?

- What's up with the lack of "Nutrition Facts" labels...and what would be ON them?

- Why do Beer & Fitness go together so well?

- What are the real benefits and negative effects? When & how often should I drink?

Find Foolproof Brewing Company online at!

Email Darrell at

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