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And after his fourth win of the Leadville 100, we thought taking a look back to his thoughts on last years win would be inspiring.  He said this year was the hardest to date with vomiting, diarrhea, and just a crazy day on the trails.


Ian Sharman took off from coaching this season of Becoming Ultra because of a whirlwind summer but we had a chance to catch up with him after he won his 3rd Leadville 100. He gives tons of advice that is applicable for every level of runner.  He shares what he made racing the last two years, you may be surprised. And, we tease a bit regarding season 4 of Becoming Ultra.  Enjoy the show!

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A crazy and horrific accident at the age of 8 and the lightbulb moment 22 years later began a movement in an individual that will speak to everyone who knew there was an athlete deep down but didn't know how to find it.  


Max Conserva is an athlete, speaker, and coach who has transformed the way he thinks so he could transform the way he lives. A truly inspiring athlete.

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Do you just give up the active lifestyle when you get injured?  We hope not. Lauren Jones of Life's 2 Short Fitness comes on the show to talk about an injury she suffered this summer and some ways to think about her own lifestyle because of the restriction. Also, we send good luck to one of the first athletes to ever come on the show as she takes on an adventure of a lifetime. 


Thanks for listening.

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We have the chance to speak with an organizer of the first ever Kokoda Trail race. A three day stage event that covers the Kokoda Track, a World War 2 historical trail that the Australians used to hold off the Japanese.  The history and the athletes that took on the challenge made this a pretty unique event!

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We all justify why we can't or won't do something we really want.  Like making more money, winning losing weight, getting faster.  It doesn't matter.  When we tell the world we want something but tell ourselves something else, it's time for a little tough love.  We hope this helps you out of some of your default excuses!

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This is a special release from our partner show, Becoming Ultra.  What happens when you train a newbie runner for 6 months for a 50 mile run?  Well, go over to Becoming Ultra for that answer.  This show was about the takeaways from behind the scenes.

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You need some ideas for new workouts, here is one.  It takes 17 minutes and nails pretty much every part of you!  Thanks us later!

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Trainers and the ones that want to be trained have been boring me lately.  Change it up. Get out of the gym.  Try these three workouts in the next week or so.  You don't have to bore yourself to being fit for heaven's sake.

Thanks for listening.

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Why taking a couple weeks off is huge for the podcast.

Three running adventures in Colorado and the lessons learned from each.

Why shortcuts get a bad wrap.

Should you step on the small rock or the big rock?  A lesson in expectations in life and training. 


Thanks for listening!

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That early morning workout is more important than you think.

Free up the later part of the day and get hurt less often.

That injury, it's on you.  What are you going to do now?

The mentality of being hurt.

Enjoy the show.

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