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Building new skills as athletes and runners specifically is important.  We hear so many runners stressed that they won't be ready for their trail race when it comes because they don't live where trails are.  Well, we have some things you can do to train specifically.  We hope this helps!

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[From partner show, Becoming Ultra]

In 6 days, the founder of BU will be running his first 100k. There will be no start line, bibs, or fanfare. Just a few friends, family, and a couple running buddies trying to remember his dad on his first birthday since his passing. On the show today, the route and the meaning behind it. Where is the toughest section? What is the strategy for the first 12 miles? Enjoy the show!

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This is part 1 of 7 in a series featured on Becoming Ultra.

Hey it's the host, coach, and runner, Scott.  My dad died last year.  He was 62.  I am running a 100k on his birthday in his home state of West Virginia to remember in a week.  I'd love to share the journey with you until Season 5 starts, the day after his birthday.

On this show, my training for the last 6 months.

Thanks for listening!

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And after his fourth win of the Leadville 100, we thought taking a look back to his thoughts on last years win would be inspiring.  He said this year was the hardest to date with vomiting, diarrhea, and just a crazy day on the trails.


Ian Sharman took off from coaching this season of Becoming Ultra because of a whirlwind summer but we had a chance to catch up with him after he won his 3rd Leadville 100. He gives tons of advice that is applicable for every level of runner.  He shares what he made racing the last two years, you may be surprised. And, we tease a bit regarding season 4 of Becoming Ultra.  Enjoy the show!

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Would you use your first marathon simple as a marathon? We discuss this and how you should uses races in general to prepare for the big one!

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On the show:

  • Liza explains the reason behind a couple of the scheduled runs Rebecca has on the calendar.
  • We talk about the difference between being hurt, being injured, and being tough when you should be tough.  Things most runners can relate to!
  • Mention a few hot news topics in the running world.
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We always have fun on the Becoming Ultra show on the journey to 50 miles.  This episode starts with a spy session of Rebecca at work and only gets better!

On the show:

  • Rebecca is up to a longest run ever of 16.2 miles!
  • We talk about considerations for what type of pack she should get.
  • Liza and Rebecca review the film “A Day In the Life” by Billy Yang.
  • We talk training.
  • We spy on Rebecca at work.  Fun times on the Becoming Ultra Podcast.
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My First Ultra tells the stories of runners' first ultra.  Our guest is from Lafayette, Indiana and works as a Director of Communication.  Find out how long he gave himself from sign up until race day.  What was his training like?  What did he do for nutrition?  The more we can share normal runners' stories from their ultra's the more everyone will learn before their first!

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Have you done your research?  Today, we talk about how you can use race reports to help with your training on the physical and mental end of running your first ultra.

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What should you do when you are hurt during training or a training run?  Unfortunately, Ian has some fresh advice.  

The power of rucking and how to use the training as a skill to make you faster on race day.

What big training runs are coming up for Grady?

A new Instagram handle we have a little fun with!


Enjoy the show.

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