Athlete On Fire (shorts)

August 12, 2016 started on a couple mountain bikes in the cool Colorado air, at 3:30am.  We rode to the bluffs outside of town to take in the Perseid Meteor shower.  Facts about the event in the sky, a weird critter in the woods, coffee and delirium ensue.  Have a great Friday wherever you are in the world.  We hope you learn one simple or silly fact and laugh at least once!  



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Do you know an addict?  Do you think you may be one?  Take 3 minutes to listen to this excerpt from a recent Athlete On Fire show.  Original show HERE> AOF:166 Karlyn Pipes

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Our guest had a breaking point that he shared on the last full episode of Athlete On Fire.  This is one everyone can relate to.  Is it time to finally go for it and reach those goals?

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Spring McClurg and her husband have two of the best mountain themed Instagram feeds in the world.  In this excerpt, a part of the longer interview on the Ultra Dirt show, Episode 10, she shares her perfect day in the mountains.

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