Athlete On Fire (success through failure)

We all have fears. We look at an opportunity and the little voice inside says, “I can’t do that. What if they say no? What if I fail? What if I get embarrassed? What if I get hurt?” Bring those fears to the surface and really ask yourself the “what if…” and answer it honestly. Most of the time it’s not really as big a deal as you first thought.

In this week’s interview, former UFC Champion Bas Rutten talks about how he faced his fears before stepping into the cage. Just the fact that one of the greatest fighters ever had these fears should tell you that it’s ok to have fear. It’s not ok, however, to let that fear hold you back. God has planted potential into you. A special ability. You are meant to use your special gift to make the world– your world– a better place. Learn how…
Listen to this week’s episode of Success Through Failure.

Today I bring you Bas Rutten. Bas is a former UFC Champion and 3x King of Pancrase- which was a fighting promotion out of Japan. He’s now in the UFC Hall of Fame. He finished his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak before retiring due to multiple injuries. He later came back, in 2006, to fight again, winning by TKO. He has appeared in numerous television shows including Martial Law and King of Queens. He’s appeared in movies and even has a cameo in the video game Grand Theft Auto. He has also developed his own unique version of a training mask called the O2 Trainer.

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Today I bring you Peter Docker. A leadership consultant and executive coach, Peter Docker is passionate about enabling people to be extraordinary. A former senior Royal Air Force officer and professional pilot, Peter is now dedicated to sharing his insights into how human beings operate, communicate and relate, specializing in organizational culture and leadership. Collaborating with Simon Sinek for over 5 years, he is an Igniter and Implementation Specialist on the Start With Why team. Peter has worked with several of the largest companies in the world. He delivers keynote talks and is a regular contributor to Simon Sinek’s blog and podcast series.

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Today I bring you Gina Parris. Gina has been a motivator in the field of personal development for over thirty years. She began studying, applying and teaching on high performance as a teenager. When she was not speaking or training as a competitive athlete, she was honing her sales skills at a specialty menswear boutique where she was a top performer. She even gave her first paid speech at 16 year old.

It’s been Gina’s life’s work to help people to reach their God-given potential and to turn their stress into strength. She’s a Tony Robbins certified Strategic Intervention coach and her clients include top athletes, coaches & sports parents, as well entrepreneurs and other professionals.



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