Athlete On Fire (voyage into hell)

The pirate trials have ended and there is still sailing to be done.  After picking up their boat in Turkey Steve and Maria joined another Rally to cross the Atlantic with as safely as possible.  Lessons learned and another stop on Dominica for an eery reunion with "Sexy Bones". We also go into a Q and A for big picture questions after sharing the details of the whole journey.  Enjoy Voyage Into Hell.

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After the tragedy at sea and after many of the sailers were back in their homes around the world.  Justice needed to be served.  Who would try the pirates responsible for the Quest tragedy?  What was the outcome? Was there closure for the families.  This is the Voyage Into Hell show on the Athlete On Fire network.

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After the Quest tragedy, rally members were safe for the moment in Salalah, Oman.  The problem was getting out of there.  Their options were limited and dangerous and none of them would happen quickly.  The Gulf Of Aden lead to the Mediterranean Sea but it just happened to be one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world.  Find out how they managed on this episode of the Voyage Into Hell show.

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Steve Siguaw shares the sad and troubling days as a member of his sailing rally runs into pirates on the open sea.  As we have been following his story of a sail around the world, we knew this show would come.  The story is tragic but some stories are meant to be told.  This is the Voyage Into  Hell show.

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The adventure to sail around the world continues and as tensions rise within the rally you can feel the tension on the open water.  Planning for pirates between India and Oman and an encounter on the coast of India is making for an ominous crossing.  Join the show that is following one sail boats adventure amidst tragedy, The Voyage Into Hell.

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