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Niki Hurst is from Squamish and after this interview, most of you will probably say the same in about a year.  The trail and mountain lifestyle and the friends that pulled her along the way to eventually experience her first ultra.  The big mistake she made on that first 50.  Why you should try something so epic!

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Some tips for running in the rain that you may have needed to hear again.  Liza's close encounter with a tornado recently.  Lots of animals get mentioned and make cameo's on the show. Rebecca has a PT buddy that did an assessment on her form and shoes.  Also, upcoming training goals for Rebecca.  


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On this episode of My First Ultra our guest lost his dad at a fairly young age and had his first child around the same time. It was time for a lifestyle change, big time. Hear his story about how he did it and what his first ultra was like.

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Ian Sharman and his running client, Grady Carden have a chance to talk about a recent analysis done on his stride to nip any issues he may create for himself down the road in the bud.  We go on to talk about some things you can do to improve your biomechanics and how doing so can help in the long run!


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Our guest is from New Jersey and she shares her story of never running to reaching her first ultra, and now, 50 milers to her credit.  Listen to her systematic approach and how she made it happen from her training to her support system.

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Grady and Tina.  One from Alabama and one from Texas.  One with a kid at home, school, and work. One with a wife and pup running buddy.  Both with a similar goal.  Meet the runners of season 4 of Becoming Ultra where we follow the journey of a couple runners from the start of their training to race day!

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My First Ultra is a purely entertaining account of random runners and their first ultra.  Whether they completed it or failed horribly we figure someone out there will learn something.  Did they hallucinate, eat enough, chafe their little legs off?  Listen and find out!  Warning...eff bombs on this episode. She couldn't help herself.

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On this episode we sort through all of the applications and finally, to two lucky runners who will be featured as the Becoming Ultra Season 4 runners! What is their "why"? Are they too experienced? Did someone pee on the floor? Yeah, you'll just have to listen to this one!


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The community in the ultra running world is always considered top of the sporting world.  Hear about some niche communities on today's show.

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Becoming Ultra finds a couple runners and follows their journey for 6 months as they train for a 50 miler.  Listen to the launch of the 4th season!

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